So it’s up to you

Dear Editor,

This is concerning the School Referendum. It is absurd to raise taxes in the economy that we are in now. It is called a recession, but in reality it is a depression. The reason for this is people are losing their jobs, their homes and their cars. They can’t pay their taxes now.

The elderly and disabled will not get a raise because our Federal government says there is no increase to the cost of living. It’s been on the news that older people have to choose between buying medicine or buying food. Some of the one’s on fixed income have home exemptions for the taxes on their home. When they are made to pay taxes, where are they going to find the money?

People who own companies in this county can raise the price of their products to cover the tax increase. This leaves the poor man holding the short end of the stick again.

So it’s up to you. Vote yes if you want your taxes raised. Vote no if you want to keep your home.

Jeremy Adam Bearden, Bamberg, S.C.

Our School is one of the biggest assets

Dear Editor,

I am writing in support of the March 16th Bond Referendum to build a new elementary school and make needed repairs to the middle and high schools. Our school is one of the biggest assets we have to attract new investment and industry in our community. This is a pay me now or later type of deal. I would much prefer to pay now while the interest free money is available and construction costs are very low. We can get so much more bang for our buck. Passing up this one time deal, in my opinion, will be a big mistake. It will cost us taxpayers much more to accomplish this same thing if we put it off. My understanding is the need for this work will not go away but will have to be done sooner or later. We should not put off these much needed improvements when this great opportunity for the future education of our kids is presenting itself. I have life long friends I developed in our school system and our community is much more cohesive because of it. I can’t think of another area we could get a better return on investment than in our schools. I hope everyone comes out in support of the new school referendum on March 16th.

Brab McCully, Bamberg, S.C.

Please stop playing monopoly with my money

Dear Editor,

Bamberg County faces a vote on March 16, 2010, to approve or not a $29,000,000.00 bond referendum for a new elementary school and repairs to the middle and high schools.

Mrs. Schwarting has given two informational meetings with charts and graphs and numbers. Also, bond lawyers, architects’ renditions and other “experts” to help the “poor Bamberg people” understand what needs to happen before the children succumb to “black lung” disease from all the mold and mildew or are electrocuted from all the extension cords running everywhere or their lives endangered because not one of the schools can be “locked down” properly. Very scary – very scary truly!

In Ehrhardt Auditorium Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2010, my question was not answered at all so I’ll address it here if you don’t object. Why in the last 30 years has it not dawned on someone on this District One School Board that the maintenance, electrical updates, kitchen updates, roof leaks and especially, the door locks needed tending to??? Since 1979 the world has known that the future of education in public schools was going to depend heavily on computer technology, yet no steps it seems were taken to prepare for what the students would need to participate in a global education!

Mrs. Schwarting stated she expected the new school to last about twenty years. What I’m hearing is that for the past thirty years, at least no one has thought very much forward when these 5 buildings begun deteriorating to the point that it sounds to me like perhaps Mr. Johnson, the Bamberg County Building Inspector, should start condemnation procedures immediately.

My other thought is this – on Jan. 4, 2010, at Bamberg County Council’s meeting, the hospital administrator announced that as of Jan. 1, 2010, NO MORE BABIES could be born at the Bamberg hospital – no more babies!

If a child cannot be born in this county (without it being an emergency birth) then how does anyone on any board or council believe that “young families” would want to relocate to this county? And, if you do not have a flow of young families coming here because of inadequate hospital care – no babies – no students coming up into the system – graduate existing students and said graduates run like their hair’s on fire to parts anywhere but HERE; well, does a brand new school for students we don’t have and probably will not have in the future seem like a good debt (with tax increases on already weary senior citizens) to struggle to pay back interest free or not!

Please stop playing monopoly with “my” money in this county! There is so very little to show for what many people have struggled a lifetime for – I know from where I speak.

Donna Rogers, Ehrhardt, S.C.