Letters To The Editor
Written by The Advertizer-Herald   

Thanks for the wonderful coverage

Dear Editor,

It's always great to "bump into" you at the various Lowcountry activities each year, and was especially good to see you last weekend at the 2008 Re-Enactment of the Battle of Rivers Bridge in Bamberg County.

Last night at Duke's BBQ in Bamberg the Rivers Bridge SCV Camp 842 monthly officer's meeting was held. When they called upon the Camp Historian for a report, they were very pleased and impressed with the wonderful coverage which we received from THE ADVERTIZER-HERALD'S front page in full color.

T he photo was better than any of the 60+ attempts at photography of mine that day, and one can tell that great research went into the column which accompanied the impressive photo.

They all were very pleased and appreciated the many kindnesses which you, Jerry, and your wonderful publisher, Joyce, always extend to our group which is busy promoting the heritage, history, and honor of our beloved ancestors who were forced to defend their Independence about 140+ years ago.

We strive to keep their memories alive and their sacrifices fresh in our memories.

Thanks again for everything,
Eddie Hightower
Rivers Bridge SCV Camp Historian
Bamberg County, S.C.