President Barack Goes To School

The young lad who many say was born in Kenya has been going to school as President of the United States for about a year now. Let’s look at his first year report card to his political supporters and voters of the United States.

In English Comprehension: Barack has a good ability to speak the language better than most who have attended the school. However, his ability to speak in complete sentences using words that seem appropriate on the subject is hindered by a near total lack of content. Give him an A plus for delivery and a D for content.

In Social Studies: With the approval of Barack, Harry Reid obtained the services of Mary Landrieu to vote yes to put the Health Care Bill on the floor in the Senate. As it turned out the cost was 200 percent more than Mary thought it would be. In this one he gets a C for sizing up the situation and a D for acting appropriately.

In Science: The same week that documents provided by a British university surfaced showing that the scientists who supported global warming had falsified their information Barack decides to attend a meeting that assumes the false data was true. Barack and his playmates take the view that science is decided by the number of scientist who hold a particular view rather than siding with the scientist with the theory that best fits the facts. On this one he gets a D for understanding what science consist of and another D for applying science in the real world.

In Economics: Barack has shown a tendency to equate borrowed money with earned money and that either can be spent for investment with the same result. If there were no waste in the spending and no fraud in judging the results the difference between borrowing that must be paid back and spending real money would be equal. On economics he gets a D for understanding the basics and another D for applying the basics in the real world.

In History: Barack has given several speeches in class about the conduct of warfare and the way to end a war successfully. He apparently has not done his homework on this one. He gets an F for comprehension and a D for application. As Winston Churchill once said, “Winning isn’t everything it’s the only thing.” And as written in a previous column winning the war was the first priority of Gen. Douglas McArthur who served 50 plus years in the military.

To quote Churchill further in a speech spoken in Commons he said, “You ask what is our policy? I say it is to wage war by sea, land and air with all our might and with all the strength that God can give us. That is our policy. You ask what is our aim? I can answer in one word; Victory…victory however long and hard the road may be for without victory there is no survival.”

Conclusion: Barack has not done well in his first year of going to school as President of the United States. Many Americans fear that he will not be promoted at the end of his first session without serious private tutoring to fill in the gaps in his current knowledge. He most likely did not successfully complete his first year if polls taken over the past few weeks are any indication. However, Barack is our duly elected President of this great United States of America and we must respect that and pray for him daily.

The idea for this column came from an article written by John Armor that was published recently in the Highlands (N.C.) Newspaper.