In This Weeks Edition: 01-06-2010

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BCH closes obstetrics unit

Jerry E. Halmon, Staff Reporter

Expectant mothers seeking obstetrical services at the Bamberg County Memorial Hospital will have to make alternative plans in 2010.

Bamberg County Memorial Hospital CEO Roy Vinson said in a recent press release that the Bamberg County Hospital closed its obstetrics unit December 31, 2009.

Vinson said, “The Medical Staff and employees of Bamberg County Hospital have served the Low County obstetrical needs for many years. The last physician providing obstetrical services discontinued those services January 1, 2010.”

Vinson went on to say, “Although we do not expect obstetrical patients to show up at the Bamberg County Hospital should there be a rare exception, our Emergency Department Staff (nurse, doctors and technicians) are prepared to appropriately screen and transfer them to the most appropriate facility following the federal EMTALA guidelines.”

Vinson confirmed in an interview Monday that it was Dr. William Glenn’s decision to discontinue the service. Glenn was employed as the hospital’s only obstetrician. The hospital CEO said that even when Dr. Glenn served as the obstetrician there may have been one or two mothers to show up without prenatal care. “So it was a rare, rare occasion that someone would come to the Emergency Room wanting to deliver, 99 percent of the women out there have a medical provider that they get their directions from and 99 percent of the time will not have to go to an emergency department.”

As for replacing Dr. Glenn, Vinson stated “that is in the process of being investigated by the administration of the hospital and we will make that recommendation to the board as early as the January trustee board meeting and the board will make a recommendation as to whether to go forward.

Chamber Donates

Jerry E. Halmon, Staff Reporter

The Bamberg County Chamber of Commerce, who sponsors the Christmas Tour of Homes each year, made a donation of $400 and some badly needed supplies to the Mary Ann Morris Animal Shelter (MAMAS) on Wednesday afternoon.

Jerry Bell, Bamberg County Chamber of Commerce President, presented Joey Guess, Chairman of MAMAS with one check for $250 raised from ticket sales of the Christmas Tour of Homes and another check for $150 from donations of people who participated in the tour.

Historic Church

Although Mizpah Methodist Church survived General Sherman's march through South Carolina, it almost succumbed to the ravages of termites and beetles. The historic church, located in Bamberg County, is featured in the winter issue of Sandlapper, The Magazine of South Carolina.

Built in 1856 in the once thriving village of Buford's Bridge, today only six members remain in the Mizpah congregation. When massive termite and beetle infestation was discovered in 1996, members raised the funds to have the historic structure completely restored. It stands today as a testament to history and human determination.

Historic/Genealogical Heritage

Jerry Durgan, Contributing Writer

“There are gravesites in Bamberg’s Restland Cemetery that date back to the late 1700s, with ancestors of many of the county’s oldest families.” said Ed Moody, a volunteer cleaning and repairing the historic cemetery.

Restland is the final resting place of at least thirty-eight veterans of the Mexican War, the War Between the States, and even the Spanish-American war. “It is the final resting place of the founder of the town of Bamberg, Major Seaborn Bamberg.

“This historic cemetery needs regular care,” said Ed Moody. Please send donations or pledges to Ed Moody, c/o Restland Cemetery, 108 Oak Street, Bamberg, SC 29003.

Budgetball Tournament

Voorhees College has been selected as one of ten Historically Black Colleges and Universities to participate in the Budgetball Civic Engagement initiative.

The purpose of the Budgetball Civic Engagement Initiative is to help young adults take charge of their own financial future.

“Voorhees College is excited to be a part of this initiative,” said President Sellers. “Our students will gain invaluable information on financial responsibility that will help them understand how to address fiscal challenges when they occur.”