Just in time for Christmas...

Just in time for the Christmas Season… Businesses in downtown Bamberg will have more parking spaces for their customers on Moore Street. The recently cleared area at the corner of Elm Street and Short will feature 60 lighted parking spaces and is seen as a joint effort of the City of Bamberg and the Board of Public Works to provide more parking spaces in downtown Bamberg.

“With the help of the Board of Public Works, we’re so pleased that our downtown is growing in the parking area just in case more businesses come. We’ve got plenty of parking spaces,” Bamberg Mayor Alton McCollum said Monday morning. The Mayor said the city would not be reluctant to go back to the Board of Public Works and request their continued cooperation and assistance in getting as much parking as the citizens of the city needs.

Board of Public Works Manager Bruce Ellis said that BPW and the City of Bamberg agreed that the Board would do the labor on in the area if the city bought the property. Earlier this year, the BPW demolished the old package store once located on the site and other buildings on the street, leveled the area out, put some crushed stone in and made a parking area.

Ellis also said even though much work has been done, there is still much work to do. “We’re going to put some fencing up and shrubbery. We’re looking at bringing in some market sheds Saturday morning for produce like they do in some other towns. We still have a lot to do.”

Bamberg Job Corps Center played a big part in the new parking area by pouring the molds for the concrete bumpers.