In This Weeks Edition: 09-16-2009

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County Council honors Dowling

Jerry E. Halmon, Staff Writer

Bamberg County Council members unanimously approved a proposed proclamation sponsored by Councilwoman Dot Tatum to recognize and honor Emma Ruth Dowling of Bamberg for her service and commitment to Bamberg County at Monday night’s meeting.

Dowling passed away on Monday, September 7th after a short illness.

Councilwoman Tatum read, “Whereas Dowling was a veteran of World War II who served with distinction in the Women's Army Corps (WAC) and Dowling was a gifted and ground breaking educator who taught for thirty-two years in the public schools of Bamberg, Allendale, Saluda and Greenwood Counties and Whereas, Dowling will always be remembered as someone who never said no and someone who was always an ambassador bringing the White and Black communities together. Now, therefore, be it resolved that the County Council of Bamberg County adopts this proclamation to duly recognize Emma Ruth Dowling as a most honored citizen of Bamberg County.

Advertizer–Herald donates

Once a year The Advertizer – Herald newspaper makes a donation to a local mission based charity or a mission funded by a local church. Representing the Advertizer Herald newspaper, publisher Joyce Searson, was excited about the opportunity to donate a generous gift of a $750 to a mission-based organization that works under the umbrella of the Bamberg Church of the Nazarene. Searson gave Reverend Johnny Price a call last week to give him the good news about the donation.

World War II Memorial

World War II Veteran from Ehrhardt, SC admitted into the National World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Mr. Willie James Walker, nicknamed Pee-Wee was admitted into the World War II Veterans Registry of Remembrances after his sister McKeller M. Walker of Washington, DC, and his niece Teresa W. Henderson of Silver Spring. MD. submitted his name for admission. Mr. Walker was admitted due to his Honorable Discharge after serving 18 months overseas participating in World War II and for helping our nation win the greatest military victory.