Meals on Wheels needs volunteers

There are not many opportunities that offer so much return on investment as volunteering to help those in need. One such opportunity is the delivery of lunchtime meals with the Bamberg County Office on Aging Meals on Wheels Program. Delivery of one nutritious meal per day may not sound like much, but to some it is the only contact with the outside world that they will experience in an average day. To others it may be the only full meal they receive.

You can be an active part in brightening someone’s day by volunteering to deliver meals. The Office on Aging is in need of volunteers for the Bamberg route, which consists of about twenty stops, Monday thru Friday, between 10:15a.m.-11:00a.m. The average delivery time is one hour, and the volunteer openings are for any dates you are able. Some volunteers choose to deliver one day per month, some choose one day of the week, the decision is up to you, any help you are able to give is appreciated.

Beth Pregnall, Meal Site Supervisor with the Office on Aging, says the urgent need for volunteers is due in part to the current volunteers needing more time off for health concerns and other personal reasons. “We’ve had loyal volunteers for years and years, and some are experiencing health problems, or are limited due to the heat, and we need volunteers to deliver the meals, and substitutes for the days when someone is unable to deliver,” says Pregnall.

Anyone who is able to deliver meals is urged to contact Carolyn Kinard, Director of Bamberg County Office on Aging. Any vehicle will be sufficient, the trays are small and the number of deliveries for this route is under 20.All that is asked is the willingness to help and communication with the Office in the event that there is no response upon meal delivery. Just a kind “hello” and the arrival of a hot meal is something the clients really look forward to, so please consider volunteering.

“Volunteers are needed to deliver a meal Monday through Friday…we have the meals prepared between 10:15 and 11:00 a.m. for pick-up. The Bamberg route is only about 15-20 people, and takes and average of one hour to complete the 8-10 mile route,” says Pregnall. There are openings for all days, any frequency, and for substitute carriers. There is no holiday work for volunteers as local churches take over the responsibilities of cooking and delivery during those times.

The Office on Aging also provides transportation assistance, senior activities, homemaker services, and meals for anyone age 60 and older for a donation at the Office on Aging dining hall. Participants should call ahead one day before dining, and are invited to enjoy activities after the meal. This service helps to give caretakers a break, along with providing social interaction and a good meal for a small donation.

Contact the Bamberg County Office on Aging at 245-3021 for more information on any of these services and for volunteer opportunities.