In This Weeks Edition: 07-29-2009

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‘Ole Fashioned Barn Raisin’

Jerry Durgan, Contributing Writer

For at least the past two years, Govan volunteer fire fighters and the Firemen’s Auxiliary had been raising funds to construct the new addition through cake sales, donations, community activities. “We did nearly everything and anything to raise money for this badly needed project. It was virtually a ‘beg, borrow, and steal’ effort,” Fire Chief Mark Epperson commented. “Except we didn’t steal,” he said with a grin.

The new addition will house a large meeting room, firemen bunks, an office, storeroom, kitchen, and baths. “For years,” Mike said, we didn’t even have running water or a restroom for our firemen. Our fire station has been the voting site for our precinct for years,” he said, “where they had no restroom and no place for a cool drink of water for the poll workers. But now that’ll all soon be over.”

Folks from the Govan Community, the Mennonite Community, the Govan, and Bamberg fire departments, and Govan First Baptist Church brought their hammers and saws, skills, and labor, food and drinks and cold water for the effort.

‘Long Shot’ screening

Eddie Hightower, Contributing writer

Recently independent film producer and director Christopher Forbes chose Branchville for the screening of his latest movie titled ‘Long Shot.’ It was only the second time that the public had the opportunity to have a sneak screening of the movie which had not yet been released to the regular theatres.

Clifton Ott, who is the owner of Henderson's Hardware and the former Edisto Eatery building in Branchville agreed for the filming of the recent movie, which starred the late David Carradine, to be on his property. It was quite a surprise to everyone present, who watched the credits roll at the beginning to see Clifton Ott just below the name of David Carradine on the silver screen. Clifton played the part of the bartended in the saloon in Sacramento, California, during the period just after the end of the War Between the States.

If you missed the opportunity to see "Long Shot" in Branchville, you will have another chance to see it in St. George's Lourie Theatre on August 1st at 7:00 pm and again on August 2nd at 2:00 pm.

According to Ed

The Bamberg County Sheriff’s Office with the assistance of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources concluded an extensive month long investigation. This investigation lead to the execution of a search warrant on the residence of Mr. Lewis Orr, Jr., in Olar. Approximately 22 grams of crack cocaine was seized. Mr. Orr was charged with Trafficking Cocaine and Possession with Intent to Distribute Drugs within a ˝ mile radius of a park or playground.

In a bond hearing before Chief Magistrate Judge Craig Threatt, Mr. Orr was denied bond. He is on Federal parole at this time due to a previous conviction for weapons violations. Mr. Orr is currently housed in the Bamberg County Detention Center.

No Millage Increase

Pansy Clayton, Ehrhardt Correspondent

At the Ehrhardt Council meeting, town administrator Scott Neeley, commented that the county is in the process of doing a reassessment of the value of property in Ehrhardt and that it is not complete yet, so there may or may not be a change in the millage. Neeley stated that whatever change there would be, the millage would either stay the same or go down, it would not increase. Council was required to have the first reading on this issue, though it was not decided as of yet. Neeley will keep council informed as to the progress.

The water system project was discussed but all is the same and will have another progress update at the next town meeting.