Democratic voter opinions
Written by Joyce M. Searson, Publisher   

Voters voiced their opinions Saturday at the polls.

The Reverend Betty Milhouse said, “I am for Barack Obama all the way.”

Vanessa Close said, “I support Barack Obama, I feel like if you vote for Hillary Clinton you are voting for Bill Clinton as well.”

Sammie Milhouse, “It is time for a change; the country is in bad shape. I voted for Obama.”

Willie Johnson, “I voted for Barack Obama, I want to see some changes, it can’t get any worse than it already is.”

Tim Kentopp, “I voted for John Edwards. I like Obama; I think he is a shoo-in. I would like to see a Obama/Edwards ticket and a McCain/ Huckabee ticket.”

Deit Vaughn, “I voted for John Edwards. Normally, I would vote Republican, but they are not worried about the right issues. I like the way Edwards grew up and he seems to understand the needs of our country and what needs to be done to get it back on the right track.”

Latoya Tuten, “I just hope everybody puts us back where we need to be and ends the war.”

Libby Truett, “We need someone in there that knows what they are doing; I know who I don’t want in there. We need to end the war and get our troops back home.”


Mike Ridge, "We need a better economic plan; John Edwards is the man.”

Janeth Walker, “I voted proudly for Obama.”

Craig Walker, "I am retired from the air force and I wanted to support the next president of the United States-Barack Obama.”

Debra Gilliard, “I think it is going to be close; Barack Obama will win this year.”


James Pinckney, “I think it is going to be a historical year with a Obama/Clinton ticket.”

Pat Bessinger, “I think the Democrats are going to win this year because the Republicans are doing so poorly. I think the opinion of the President is so low right now and most people want a change.”