Democratic Primary, County embraces Obama
Written by Jerry Durgan, Staff Reporter   

The unofficial results of the Democratic preference primary gave presidential candidate Barak Obama an outstanding victory over his major contestants Hillary Clinton and John Edwards Saturday. Obama reaped 1,720 votes (63.17% of votes cast), Clinton 751 votes (27.58% of votes), and John Edwards 221 votes (8.12% of votes).


For other candidates, Joe Biden received 11 votes, Chris Dodd, 3 votes, Mike Gravel, 3 votes, Dennis Kucinich 9 votes, and Bill Richardson 5 votes.

There was a good turnout of voters Saturday in the Bamberg County Democrat preference primary. All precincts had a better than usual turnout. There was a total of 2,760 votes cast in the Democratic primary, 34.8% of the county’s registered voters.

Of concern for most voters was the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, economic downturn, employment, and “better schools for our children.”

Statewide Obama gained 55% of the vote, Clinton 27%, and Edwards 18%.

The official results will not be available until Thursday, Jan. 31.