Denmark Mayor gets special interview
Written by Jerry Durgan, Staff Reporter   

A long way from home but in weather they’re used to (it was cold and wet last week) as Susanne Utzon, Senior International Correspondent, and Andreas Vingaard, cameraman for TV2 Denmark interviewed Denmark mayor Carrie Simmons for a special TV2 newscast.

TV 2 is a Danish government-owned television station broadcasting from Odense on Funen. It started broadcasts on 1 October 1988. TV 2 is a full active member of the European Broadcasting Union since 1990.

“We are financially and economically closely tied to the United States,” Ms. Utzon explained, “so news of American politics and economics is very important to our Danish viewers.”


Of particular interest was the origin of the names of our small towns of Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden, to which very little was known. Actually, there is little known about how Norway, Finland and Sweden got their names, but it’s well documented that Denmark was named after the president of the Southbound Railroad, Col. Isadore Denmark. There is some indication, however, that Finland, Sweden, North, and Norway were simply named those names at random by the railroad.

Following a brief interview with Mayor Simmons, the TV couple walked the streets of Denmark to interview passersby and local, renowned artist Jim Harrison.