Democratic Primary Saturday January 26th
Written by Jerry Durgan, Staff Reporter   

Seven hundred and eighty eight voters turned out in the knee-knockin’, bone chillin’ cold rain Saturday to select their choice of Republican candidates in Bamberg County, ten percent of registered voters in the county. That’s not bad, considering that Bamberg County is clearly a Democratic party population.

Rep. John McCain came away with 341 unofficial votes, about 43%, Mike Huckabee with 265 votes (almost 34%), Mitt Romney, 76 votes (nearly 10%), and Fred Thompson with 71 votes or about 9%, and Ron Paul with 25 votes (3%). The remainder of the eleven candidates vying for the Republican nomination didn’t fare so well. Duncan Hunter received 1 vote, Rudy Giuliani, 9 votes, and Hugh Cort, John Cox, Cap Fendig, and Tom Tancredo each received no votes.

“It’s going to be a close national race, both between party candidates … Republican vs. Republican and Democrat vs. Democrat … and between parties,” one voter commented Saturday. “We’ve got a very popular female candidate and a very popular black candidate and we have issues that are consuming voter identity from the war on Iraq to the economic instability of the country right now. It’s one of the most interesting elections in many years.”

Statewide, unofficial results showed McCain with 33%, Huckabee, 30%, Thompson 16%, Romney, 15%, Paul 4% and Giuliani, 2%.

The official confirmation count will be held Thursday morning.

The Democratic Party preferential primary will be held Saturday, January 26. The turnout is expected to be heavy.