Police Chief asks citizens for help

At the March meeting of town council, Police Chief Jim Preacher said that violent crimes are increasing and if you see or hear anything that makes you feel suspicious contact the Ehrhardt Police Department at once at 803-245-3000 or call 911.

Preacher said that you can help in the fight against crime by taking away the opportunity for criminals to steal from you by securing your property, especially items that could be easily stolen.

Preacher reported 2 Disorderly conduct charges, 2 vandalism (cut tires), 1 stolen vehicle (vehicle is believed to be in Bronx, New York), and 1 breach of peace common law between husband and wife.

Items for consideration on the agenda at the March meeting of town council were an update on the status of the water system project and the year to date financial report given by Scott Neeley and presented to the Mayor and Council members.

Hallman Sease donated a very nice dog trap to the town of Ehrhardt and with the help of the trap and local citizens, there were no animal complaints in the month of March.

Fire Chief Chad Dilling said there were 4 calls on the Fire Dept since last month and everything was handled accordingly.

Dilling said that he resubmitted the FEMA contract and is waiting to hear from that and he is working on a State Farm Grant for $2000 that he hopes will come through.

The Fire Dept is having a yard sale on April 25th from 7 to 5 pm at the Fire Station. They are accepting donations of items for the yard sale so anyone who wants to help them out, get in touch with Chad.

The engineers for the water project have received comments from the tank supplier telling of the site plan, the tank specifics, and the foundation work.

They are presently working on the final estimate of the price. The numbers at this point are preliminary and have not been reviewed by Mr. Tom Bowles. John Riggs, who prepared the numbers, is waiting on cost projections for the foundation of the tank itself from Caldwell Tank. The preliminary construction estimate is currently at $3.5 million. With engineering and other items the overall cost is projected at $4.2 million.

Mr. John Riggs did not commit to a specific amount of time that it will take now to complete the specifications, drawings and the cost estimates so the town can submit the overall package to DHEC for the construction permit which is a requirement before the town can go forward on this project.

Scott Neeley said he is working on a JAG Grant and a COPS Grant for the Police Department. ďA credit card for the town has been applied for and we are still waiting to hear from that and we have heard from the insurance company about the claim the town has on the vandalism of the generator,Ē said Neeley.

Mayor Stanley stated plans to cut off the water supply of the customers who havenít paid by Monday.

It was brought to Councilís attention that Palmetto Park looks really nice, noting that the leaves have been raked and the grass cut.