BCHNC shows profit for January

Bamberg County Hospital and Nursing Center Interim CFO Carl Menist, reported that the hospital and nursing center had a combined profit of $80,000 for the month of January at Tuesday night’s board of trustees meeting.

The hospital showed a profit of $60,000 while the nursing center recorded a profit of $20,000. Part of the reason for the profit could be found in the facility recording its highest daily census since September 2008, of 428 patient days for the month.

In discussing the possible impact of the economic stimulus package coming out of Washington Menist stated that the hospital’s part of the Federal Disproportionate Share Program provided to hospitals that serve a disproportionately high number of Medicaid and lower income patients amounted to an additional $139,000 each quarter for the facility. “A critical form of reimbursement for a small hospital like Bamberg,” he said.

Year-to-Date the facility has seen a profit of $321,000 overall for the first four months of the fiscal year. Of that money, $190,000 came in the form of grants, with one grant totaling $166,000 and three or four smaller legislative grants.

Overall a comparison of the first four months of this year compared to last year shows an upswing of $1.8 million dollars in the facilities’ bottom line.

Also during the meeting:

Finance Committee Chairman Al Palmer requested that the board approve a Capital Expenditure Budget of $100,000 this year to be used on a contingency or as needed basis. Presently the account has a balance of $58,913 that can be spent by the end of this year. The CMS audit was critical of the facility for not having a capital budget where annual expenditures were outlined. The board gave approval of the $100,000 capital expenditure budget.

Interim CEO Roy Vinson gave an update on construction taking place to comply with CMS mandates. Vinson stated that DHEC will visit on February 27, for inspection of the work on the east side of the Cooner Wing and main corridor. In early March, work will begin in the lobby and O-R corridor and in early April work will begin in the E-R. The emergency department will have to be moved temporarily to the west side. Vinson stated that the facility is working with Allendale and Barnwell as a part of the Low Country Health Care Network to find ways to reduce cost.