BCNC to UHS-Pruitt

Neil Pruitt Jr. Chairman and CEO of UHS-Pruitt Corporation of Toccoa, Georgia and the corporate staff of the organization were in Bamberg on Monday November 24 to meet with the employees and staff of the nursing center, and county officials to discuss the transition of the nursing center into the care of UHS-Pruitt and the process that will go about after a transition occurs.

“I believe the board went through a process of choosing a candidate to take over the facility, we’re here discussing how that can happen and be the least disruptive to the employees who work here, while at the same time investing resources, renovating the plant, and making sure that we have the latest technology to care for the senior citizens of this county,” Pruitt said.

In introducing the corporate staff of his organization Pruitt stated, “We are a spiritual based company, we look forward to working with you all, it’s an honor that you have chosen us and we hope to make the transition as easy and smooth as possible.”

Bamberg County Council Chairman Chris Wilson introduced Bamberg county officials in attendance that included; Lou Ann Carter, BCHNC Board Chairwoman, Carrie Simmons, Mayor of the city of Denmark, Richard Ness, Bamberg County Attorney, Doretta Elliott, County Tax Assessor, Rose Dobson- Elliott, Bamberg County Administrator, Bamberg Mayor Alton McCollum, Dr. Abe Moskow, Chairman of the hospital Foundation Board, Kurt Meyer, BCHNC Interim CEO, and Denise Parler, Hospital Executive Assistant. “We want to thank you for taking time to come down and bring your team with you,” Chairman Wilson said. “We look forward to a long and beneficial working relationship with you and your company, we’re looking forward to a high level of care in the operation of the nursing center, if there’s anything that we can do in providing information to make the transition smoother that is what we want to do,” Wilson said.

Prior to the meeting with the county officials Pruitt and his staff met with employees of the nursing center in a meeting that he said “went very well and was welcoming.” “They really had a lot of good questions about what would happen in terms of the clinical systems that we would bring to the table,” Pruitt said. “It went very well, they were very welcoming and friendly, we talked to them about the benefits, and we guaranteed to all of them that they would continue to have employment,” Pruitt said.

Pruitt said that UHS-Pruitt intends to honor the tenure of all of the hospital’s employees.

“The longest tenured employee was 49 years, and as she transitions to us it will be as if she worked for us for 49 years, so we intend to honor tenure in terms of profit sharing….pay time loss,” Pruitt said “We’re excited about it, it’s been very smooth, there’s been good communication, everyone has been welcoming with open arms, they talked to us a good bit about what they expect, this is a well ran nursing facility with a great staff, we don’t see any problem with the transition to our care, so we’re excited,” Pruitt said.