Bamberg Parade Chairman

The Bamberg Christmas Parade to be held on Saturday December 6, 2008 at 10:00a.m. will mark the 30th year that Paul Sandifer of Bamberg has served as parade chairman.

“I thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope, I can do it for another 30 years, I enjoy working with the public,” Sandifer said. “I worry sometimes about how many units we will have and then I look back that last day and say it looks great,” he said.

Sandifer stated that as demanding as the job of organizing the Christmas parade is, he couldn’t do it without the help of the Christmas Parade Committee, most of who have been with the parade as long as he has.

Members of the Bamberg Christmas Parade Committee are Dave Gmerek, Dave Gmerek Jr., James Fisher, Michael Fisher, Marjorie Broxton, Mary Broxton, Mary Robinson, Emma Ruth Dowling, Chris Sandifer, and Kevin Sandifer.

Sandifer also said that he thanked Carl Kilgus for setting up the sound system each year, and the Bamberg Job Center for setting up the tables and chairs.

“We all work together as a family, I couldn’t do it without them, and they’re just as big a part of putting it together as I am, without the committee the parade wouldn’t be possible, they deserve a pat on the back,” Sandifer said. Sandifer said the theme for this year’s parade will be “O Holy Night.” The committee will be accepting entries in the parade until Friday December 5, 2008 at 6:00 p.m.

Sandifer stated that participants in the parade must adhere to the following rules:

High school queens must ride on a float or a t-top, and can’t ride on the hood for the safety of the participants in the parade.

Candy must be thrown on the sidewalk. Sandifer said there is still plenty of room for clubs, organizations, go-carts, bicycles, “ the bigger it is the better,” he said.

As is the custom each year this time, the main attraction will be the arrival jolly old Santa Claus. Santa will ride in the rear department of the Denmark Fire Department’s latter truck. “Everything’s shaping up real well,” Sandifer said.

To place an entry in this year’s Bamberg Christmas Parade you may contact chairman Paul Sandifer.