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A mother’s hope answered

Amanda Crider, Contributing Writer

The holidays are here reminding us of the miracles of Christmas. No one knows this better than Rosalyn Johnson, mother of Bamberg County’s own miracle.

On May 23, 2007, we ran an article telling the story of little Anthony Dajohn Porter. Born with only half a heart, little Anthony beat the odds by living past January.


Little Anthony is the son of Rosayln Johnson and Anthony Bernard Porter of Denmark. He celebrated his first birthday on December 1.

After being home a mere three weeks, little Anthony went back to the hospital for his second open-heart surgery. His parents are waiting patiently for his chest to close so he can come home.

Rosalyn Johnson said, “We had to stop work and learn how to care for our baby with a trachea in his throat, an IV line in his chest, and a feeding pump in his stomach, but we have patience, faith and love the Lord so it’s another blessing. Praise God.”

Little Anthony has one more surgery to endure after his fifth birthday.

Along with little Anthony, Rosalyn has three other children. It has been hard to leave one child for the other, but Rosalyn’s mother, Dorothy Singleton has been helping her by keeping her children and sending them to school.

“I want to say to everyone, keep faith at all times, no matter what. My son is still here after doctor’s said he wouldn’t make it,” said Rosalyn. “God said different. He’s a miracle. A testimony. He blows kisses, he sits alone, he uses his arms and does things they said he would never do. God is good and he gets all the glory. Wait on the Lord and have faith.”


Cole Ulmer Davis


Mr. and Mrs. Trey Davis of Lodge announce the birth of their son, Cole Ulmer Davis, November 19, 2007 in MUSC weighing 8 lbs., 5 oz.

Mikayla Cheyenne Bearden


Mr. and Mrs. Boyd H. Bearden III of Denmark announce the birth of their daughter, Mikayla Cheyenne Bearden on September 9, 2007, in TRMC weighing 7 lbs., 10 oz.