Opinions - 06-04-2008
Written by The Advertizer-Herald   

Bamberg County SCDOT at work again

Dear Editor,

During my recent morning walks down "Pharmacy Street" in Bamberg, I noticed that the road appeared to be getting more and more narrow and I found myself "dodging vehicles" while walking. Due to the high volume of traffic on this already "narrow" street, portions of the black tar and many driveways had began to crumble away causing many areas of the street to become uneven, leaving loose pieces of tar in the street and yards of the residents. I found myself moving aside and tossing away large pieces of the road into the trash and decided to report this issue to the highway department. I met with Mr. Bobby Crider at SCDOT in Bamberg around 12:00 noon on 5/27/08 and we drove to the street in question. Mr. Crider felt that portions of the street did in fact need repairing and that he would address the matter. Within hours, Mr. Crider dispatched a two person crew to Pharmacy Street for repair work. Trena Crosby and Mr. Brabham (aka "Rev"), both with SCDOT in Bamberg, were at work repairing the many areas of the crumbled road. Although no constituent ever complained to me about the condition of the road, it is my belief that the residents and property owners are "tax payers" and they indeed deserve to pull out of their driveways onto a road free of loose tar and potholes. I want to thank each and every resident on Pharmacy Street for their patience while the repair work was being done and I thank the local Bamberg County SCDOT for their expeditious response in getting THE JOB DONE!

Janeth Walker, Councilwoman
City of Bamberg, District 3