Bamberg School District 2 Report Card
Written by Mallory D. Biering   

The South Carolina Department of Education recently released the report card for Bamberg School District Two. The absolute rating for 2013 was average with a growth rating of good, which means the school's performance exceeds the standards for progress toward the 2020 South Carolina Performance Vision." The vision states, "by 2020 all students will graduate with the knowledge and skills necessary to compete successfully in the global economy, participate in a democratic society and contribute positively as members of families and communities." The district came up from an absolute rating of below average from 2012. The below average rating states that the school, "is in jeopardy of not meeting the standards for progress toward the 2020 SC Performance Vision."

Denmark-Olar Elementary School (DOES), with more than 360 kids in grades from pre-kindergarten to fifth grade has an excellent growth rating for the year of 2013. Each year, for the past three years, the school has continued growing. The absolute rating is currently below average, but is up from 2012 and 2011 rating of at-risk. The at-risk absolute rating states the school's performance, "fails to meet the standards for progress toward the 2020 SC Performance Vision."

Lorraine J. Peeples, Principal of DOES, said, "Our students made great strides this academic school year and the administrative staff and faculty, along with the School Improvement Council, parents and community will continue efforts to improve performance on state assessments and students' overall development."

Denmark-Olar Middle School (DOMS) had an absolute rating for 2013 of below average, and a growth rating of average. DOMS houses over 165 students in grades sixth through eighth. Daryl B. Brockington, Principal of DOMS said, "We have made great academic strides in the last two years and the best is yet to come! As we continue to look forward to our future of academic success for students, we encourage you to continue with your support of our school and our community."

Denmark-Olar High School (DOHS) Principal Mickey Pringle said a key contribution to the school's success in achieving an average 2013 absolute rating was, "the strong community surrounding Denmark-Olar High School and our School Improvement Council." With more than 235 students in grades nine through 12 , Pringle says they, "will continue efforts to improve our students' performance on state assessments, our graduation rate, increase parent involvement and retain highly qualified teachers."

Dr. Thelma Sojourner, Superintendent of BSD2 said, "I am very proud of this district's faculty, staff and students for their tremendous hard work and focused attitudes during the 2012-2013 school year. As we embark on the 2013-2014 school year, we recognize that we must continue to build strong collaborative relationships with other agencies, communities and colleagues as we work for excellence and success. We must approach this year with renewed commitment to build upon the successes we have had this past year."