Where is The Thin Blue Line?

I have to admit, I'm a bit jealous of Bamberg City residents and their police department. I no longer live in Bamberg, but another city within the County, and I only have one problem with where I live--the lack of law enforcement within my neighborhood.

Of course, I haven't had any problems, and I feel confident enough with my shooting capabilities to protect myself in the event someone were to attack me or try to break into my home. On the other hand, there are men and women who have made the decision to protect and serve my city, and the lack of their presence everywhere except the local gas station needs to be brought to the attention of those in the county.

As many of you know, I'm the daughter of a retired police officer. My father was in law enforcement for over 25 years. It wasn't odd to come home to a yard full of police cars and a kitchen full of officers writing reports. Therefore, I might know a little more than average about what a cop is supposed to do on their shift than the average person.

According to some information I was given there are over 1,000 residents in the City of Denmark and those residents live within a 3-square mile area.

In my opinion, because there isn't a lot of area to cover, I should have seen at least one officer drive by my home since I moved there. Have I? Unfortunately, I haven't seen them doing any type of patrol in my neighborhood.

But if I want a cold drink, I'm sure to find them having a jam up and jelly time at the local gas station. I understand there might be restrictions set by the department for gas purposes, but I should still see the officers patrolling the neighborhood, more than I see them sitting in a parking lot.

As a law enforcement officer you're required to protect and serve. Maybe some officers don't take it as seriously as my father did, and that's completely understandable.

However, there are some great cops in Bamberg County, and I wish the ones that weren't so great, would learn from the others that are.

You're not paid by tax payers money to sit around in your car and text or play Candy Crush. You're not paid by tax payers money to hide out somewhere. Officers are paid to do a job, and the only time I see officers do anything in this city is when there are shoplifters, or someone is speeding on one particular road.

I appreciate the officers in this county and the city I live in, who go out and risk their lives. I appreciate those who go above and beyond. But to those who think it's just a fun job where you can do whatever you want, and carry a gun, think again.

Start patrolling, start getting to know the community members and developing a relationship with them.

Don't let your citizens wonder where the thin blue line might be.