Roof on Dane Theatre nears completion
Written by Jerry E. Halmon   

The badly needed roofing job on the historic Dane Theatre is almost complete. City of Denmark administrator Heyward Robinson told council members at their October 21, meeting. He stated that down spouts still needed to be put on the building. Robinson noted that $896 was the cost of wood for the building which was in budget.

Also during Monday night’s meeting it was brought to council’s attention the relocation of the old Denmark Library to the new library on Carolina Avenue has created some available space in the city. Council members agreed on a motion by Councilmember Hope Long Weldon that council conduct a workshop to explore and inspect the facilities owned by the city before making a decision on how to use the new space created.

City finance director Rusty Munoz reported for the three months ending September 30, the city’s revenues were in- line with expenditures. The city’s electric bill in the water fund was still high because of the storms during the summer. All taxes and fees have been paid in a timely manner Munoz noted.

Corey Sandifer of the Denmark Fire Department reported the department responded to 9 fire calls during the month. The department has 10 members attending business meeting, 11 members attending training meeting, averaging 9 members per call, with 24 members on the roster.

Police Chief Leroy Grimes reported the Denmark Police Department created 114 case files from September 16, 2013 through October 21, 2013. Cases included a number of assaults, burglary and breaking and entering, larceny, vandalism of property, drunkenness, and a number of other offenses and traffic incidents.

Chief Grimes also noted the department was “running into a lot of shooting in the city” and his officers were working on the shooting incident that happen at Voorhees College on Monday evening.

Public works director Cedrick Hudson reported from September 17 to October 21 the department repaired 24 water leaks. Department members attended a voluntary state meeting, and the system received a new bar screen.

A Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) inspection of the city’s laboratory “went very good.”

Council members approved a bid of $4,870 from Adams Landscaping of Williston, South Carolina (who was the only bidder) for the landscaping job at the new Denmark Public Library.

In the public comments portion of the meeting council members heard a presentation from Ms. Crum of Boyd Management inviting them to come out and look at some of the apartment housing opportunities for residents in the city of Denmark.