DTC area commissioners: No plans to replace interim president
Written by Jerry E. Halmon   

After listening to members of the Denmark Technical College National Alumni Association express their concerns that they, the Denmark Technical College Area Commissioners were looking to replace Interim President Dr. Joann Boyd Scotland with another interim president, DTC commissioners responded by stating emphatically that no such plans were being made, in a meeting of the DTC Area Commissioners held on the college campus Thursday October 4.

“At no time did this commission say anything about getting an interim president,” commission member Calvin Wright, of Orangeburg said adding “there is no record, no vote this commission ever decided to replace Dr Boyd Scotland with an interim president. “ I don’t know where that came from and first of all who ever said that was incorrect. They’re in la la land it didn’t happen,” Wright said.

Commission member Thomas Williams said he was “dumbfounded” when he heard the talk of a new interim president and wondered who was “spreading bad news” about the commission.

James Bowden, who said he was speaking on behalf the Denmark Technical College National Alumni Association stated that it was brought to the groups attention the commissioners were in the process of replacing the interim president Dr. Joann Boyd Scotland with another interim president.

“What is the need to replace an interim president with another interim president when we feel she is doing a commendable job,” Bowden said. Bowden noted that the group had received calls from local Denmark Technical College Alumni chapters and from chapters from Washington D.C. the two Carolinas and Florida expressing their concern about Boyd Scotland being replaced.

“We’re all united behind Dr. Boyd Scotland,” Bowden continued noting “she served the school twice. We feel she has done more than a superb job in representing this school and the children of this school in this community. We were very glad when you all decided to bring her back as an interim to help in the situation the school was in.”

The members of the alumni association noted in the last seven years there have been four different presidents at the college and they didn’t see the need to bring in an interim president at this time, which would be five presidents in seven years. It was also noted a leadership change would be problematic at this time with the college facing “difficult times with funding and dropout rates.”

“We’re 100% behind Dr. Scotland staying at the school as interim president until a suitable replacement can be found,” Bowden said.

It was also noted in the meeting that in an earlier meeting Dr. Boyd Scotland submitted a letter to the board stating her intention to go back into retirement when a permanent replacement for her is found, but no specific date for her retirement was noted in the letter.

Also during the meeting; Deloris Frazier of Orangeburg, who noted that she was representing the Orangeburg Chapter of the Denmark Technical College Alumni Association, who is also in support of keeping Dr. Boyd Scotland as interim president wanted to know if the school’s Foundation Board had 501-C3 status and if not what happens to the money given to the organization.

Frazier said she “did a little research” and if there isn’t a 501-C3 status in place “then everybody who has given money to the foundation is in trouble.” Frazier noted that on February 5, 2011 (under a different administration) a check for $2,500 was presented to the foundation for a building to be named after a former instructor of the college. It was noted that after all the monies had been collected the total amount given the foundation was $3,160. “I would like to know if there is no 501-3C and persons have taken this money off on their taxes what’s going to happen to us?”

Commissioner Calvin Wright in answering Frazier’s question stated if funds are contributed to an organization that does not have 501-3C status then those contributions “will disallowed” as an income tax deduction.