RMC Urgent Care seeing about 15 patients a day
Written by Mallory D. Biering   

Tom Dandridge, President and CEO of The Regional Medical Center (RMC) of Orangeburg, gave a brief presentation of what RMC is doing and planning to do in Bamberg County at the October 7th county council meeting. Dandridge reported the Urgent Care Center in Bamberg currently has seen about 1,800 patients in the past four months, with a little over 15 patients per day. Dandridge said, "which is about what we projected when we went into this."

Bamberg County Treasurer Alice Johnson gave Bamberg County Council an overview of the county's financial status. Deposits for the month of August came to a total of $735,581, with regular expenses totaling to $369,806. Accounts payable/payroll totaled to $609,271. Due to the county not taking in real estate taxes, there was a shortage of $243,000. For the month of September the county received $180,254 with regular expenses totaling $283,685. Total deposits for the month of September came to $463,939. Payroll totaled to $445,637. Total expenses for the month of September came to $725,134.

A public hearing concerning the proposed ordinance to approve the 2013 Solid Waste Management Plan for Bamberg County was held. Joey Preston, Bamberg County Administrator explained to the public what the plan would do for Bamberg County. All county council members approved the third reading of the plan except Clint Carter who was absent and Trent Kinard. The ordinance will be submitted to the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control now that council has approved the third reading.

Ray Jones from Parker Poe - Attorneys & Counselors at Law, gave an update on the Bamberg Facilities Corporation Installment Purchase Revenue Bond. "We told you all when we were working with the county to get the bond deal done that we would not leave you at closing." Jones explained the user manual should help anyone with questions concerning the who, what and whys of the bond process.

Thomas M. Thomas, Bamberg County Finance Director reported, the general fund collections for the month of September totaled to $210,587 with expenditures totaling to $369,988, which lists all accounts payable and payroll. Year to date collections total to $927,519 and expenditures totaled to $1,158,746. The special revenue fund revenue shows a collection of $51,579, which consists of fire services, E911 and road services. Expenditures for the account totaled to $43,697. Enterprise Fund reflects revenue fund collecting $25,387 and the landfill expenditures totaled to $51,175. Year to date deficit reflects $129,837. There are currently no activities occurring in the capital projects funds, but will be reported on next month.

He also reported, "We just received a $25,000 grant that will assist with landscaping and other community beautification projects around the new building and the historic courthouse once we get started on that. We just submitted another FEMA grant for 1.3 million. It's a competitive grant. We have to get through the state, the region and then it will be a national award. We are moving forward."

Council approved the second reading of the proposed ordinance to accept policies and procedures of the Bamberg County Council. The first reading for the proposed ordinances for the creation of Keep America Beautiful of Bamberg County Advisory Committee and for the Control of Litter within Bamberg County through enforcement and penalties was approved.

During public comments, it was made known that Strategic Solutions will be coming back in the future to speak with business owners about upcoming meetings and planning. Thurmond Nichols came forward to make council aware of a large amount of tires on Charleston-Augusta Road that would cause a major problem if there were a forest fire. Preston and Kinard let Nichols know that they will be getting in touch with DHEC to deal with the situation.