Bamberg County Council...what's the big deal now?

Dear Editor,

Apparently the Colston Fire Department has been portrayed as a villain, due to what has been printed in The Advertizer-Herald.

According to a letter dated, August 22, 2013, from Ehrhardt Fire Chief Chad Dilling, written to County Administrator and County Council Members, it was stated, "the Town of Ehrhardt would support Colston fire Departments efforts to build the substation in the Ehrhardt Fire District if the building and land are titled to or deeded to The County of Bamberg or titled to or deeded to the Colston Fire Department and the County of Bamberg jointly. We feel at this time this would be in the best interest of the fire service, and the County of Bamberg, because we understand that this station would be funded and built by public funds that have been paid out to the Colston Fire Department by virtue of the fire contract."

I feel as if Colston Fire Department is being discriminated against when the Fire Advisory Board and Bamberg County Council tries to dictate what the Colston Fire Department should do with their funds, because other fire departments are not told how to spend their funds.

Why was nothing said when the station was built at Clear Pond by Colston Fire Department, or when Hunter's Chapel built the Edisto Station? Bamberg County Council, what's the big deal now when Colston Fire Department would like to build a substation at the Rivers Bridge location?

The county said they didn't have any funds that they could give us at this time to put up the substation, but there are funds at the current Colston Department, that could be used to build the Rivers Bridge Substation.

It is discriminating how the Colston Fire Department is being treated. Everything my department has done, and what I've done personally has been done in good faith. We have not tried to do anything out of the way. We are trying to do it for the betterment of the county and for the people.

Why is the Colston Fire Department being discriminated against?

Mack Clayton, Fire Chief Colston Fire Department Ehrhardt