Who cares if it's legal? It's not our issue.

If I cover a meeting I record that meeting, which means if you say something, my recorder can pick it up. I have often sat at my desk listening to a meeting, to hear completely inappropriate conversations behind the main speaker. Some of the things are little jokes, while others are bits of gossip. However, at the September Bamberg School District One Meeting, held on Monday the 16th, I became completely disgusted with some of the board members due to things that were meant to be heard, and others that weren't.

Rita Sease, Tony Duncan and Kedra Rivers voted at the August meeting, against Chris Wallace and John Hiers to pay the district employees twice a month. It is important to know Sease, Duncan and Rivers voted for this change without having any documentation of what it would cost the district (not just money).

Devon Furr, the Financial Director for BSD1 reported last night that changing from paychecks being given out once to twice a month would cause a reduction in pay anywhere from $7.25 to $15.62 per paid period, due to employees being placed in a new tax table. This means some employees would receive $180 less per year. Are you willing to give away $180 to the government? I give enough to them already, I would rather keep my money.

Sease suggested talking about the matter in executive session. Well, that was a big no-no. She was warned twice that speaking about this matter in executive session was illegal due to it causing an agenda change. It was also illegal, because it did not fall in the category of items that can be discussed in executive session. Those that do fall in that category include: contractual matters, superintendent contract matters, personnel matters and legal advice.

While I was listening to the recording of this meeting, I heard Rivers quietly say, "It's not our issue," in reference to the question of it being legal to make this change without first speaking with district employees.

I would like to say to all of the BSD1 board members that you were elected to your position to represent the district. That means you represent teachers, students, and other community members. Our issues ARE your issues. Not following laws regarding what is to be discussed in executive session violates the level of trust those you represent.

You get paid to do your job, and you're supposed do what's best for the majority of BSD1. If you don't want to do that, or if you don't like it, then why did you run for the position in the first place? Do you feel proud to know that you violate policies, laws and the trust of those you represent?

You might feel that this is not your issue, or that whether or not what you did was legal. But it is your issue, and what you did was illegal. And my last question, are you proud knowing this is the example you are teaching the students of Bamberg School District One?