Clayton publishes book on Type 2 Diabetes

Mallory D. Biering, Staff Reporter

Pansy E. Clayton, a native of Ehrhardt, recently published her book, S.O.S Simple Old Solution For Type 2 Diabetes, which "spreads the message to readers that Diabetes is controllable," if you are willing to use her method explained in the book.

Clayton began writing this book, because she herself has diabetes and wanted the world to know how to deal with the disease rather than cover it up with medications. The disease not only has affected Clayton, but also her mother, grandmother, great grandmother, as well as the other North Carolina mountain women in her family. Clayton dedicated her book to these women, who were born and raised near Turkey Foot, North Carolina.

Clayton explains it is important to, "eat lots and lots of fresh vegetables and a little bit of healthy, lean meat, without any sauces. The other thing is to eat fresh fruit, but eat it alone." Clayton grew up eating the way many Southern folks do--lots of grits, red eye gravy and potatoes, which can contribute to the 'raging disease.'

She shared during an interview, that she wrote the book because she herself doesn't have health insurance, and she understood there were others who couldn't afford to go to the doctor all of the time. Finding a way to correct the problem she had was what this book has helped her to do for more than 10 years. Clayton stressed the importance of learning to eat better, rather than using medication to fix the problems Diabetes can and will cause.

Diabetes is "rampant everywhere all over the world," and Clayton feels that because her way works and her doctor approved it, she knows the methods in her book can work for others as well. "Diabetes, when out of control, makes you feel crazy and my book explains why and how to control it, in a simple way that anyone can understand," said Clayton and continued to share, "Eat veggies, meat and fruit alone and lay off the sugar free drinks and colas. Drink more water. In the book, I outline exactly what to eat and drink and even how to take special care of your diabetic feet and toes."

"I want everyone else who has diabetes to at least be aware of how to control it, even if they don't choose to be as strict with their eating habits as I am with mine. I want the world to know you can still live a happy life," with Diabetes.

Clayton married at the age of 16 and had three sons, one of whom passed at the age of 17. Along with her children, she has six grandchildren and one great grandchild. Clayton says she, "attended the College of Hard Knocks," by growing up hard in the rural South in the sixties. Along with writing two other memoirs and a book to include her artwork (along with another local artistís work), she writes a weekly column in The Advertizer-Herald.

Clayton's book can be found in many bookstores, as well as online. Clayton also shared that her book, S.O.S., will be featured in The New York Times Sunday Book Review and Reader's Digest, in hopes for a large company to buy her book in the future.