Croft Street Residents
Written by Jerry E. Halmon   

In the public comments portion of Bamberg City Council’s July 8, meeting, Council members heard from two residents of Croft Street that is located off of Weimer Street about the condition of the road and area surrounding their homes when it rains like it has in recent days. One of the residents, who left the meeting before she could be identified, noted her house on Croft Street is “surrounded by water” and the mosquito problem she has to put up with is almost unbearable.

She noted that the County of Bamberg had put down some “crush and run” put did nothing to smooth it out on the road. She noted that she has been complaining for the last seven years and has been told the street is not in the City limits of Bamberg. She stated that if the road is located outside the city of Bamberg why has she been paying the City to pickup her garbage all these years?

“The road needs paving. We’re paying taxes. I know there is money so where is it? I’m not going to stop. It doesn’t make sense. I know there is something that can be done.”

Bamberg City Council member Janeth Walker noted that Croft Street is an actual Bamberg County road that is in her district. Walker stated that the road is “on the radar of the county council” and they are aware of the needs of the residents of that particular street.

In response to the Croft Street resident’s comments about other streets in the city being resurfaced and paved and not needing any work done, Walker stated that it was her understanding that various projects residents see being done come out of different pockets of money. “I’m on top of that. I’m doing everything I can,” Walker said, adding “I know Croft Street is a street in my district that definitely needs to be paved and is on the County’s radar.