I agree Mr. Tribble, you are right!

Dear Editor,

I must take issue with Pastor Rick Mason’s letter of October 3 wherein he made great criticism of Mr. Tribble’s letter that elected officials should serve God first. I am in total agreement with Mr. Tribble and I believe that Barack Hussein Obama is the most Biblically hostile president this nation has ever seen. Pastor Mason’s criticisms cannot be substantiated with facts. In fact, the facts are clearly on Mr. Tribble’s side.

To dismiss Mr. Tribble’s article on the basis that he uses a Tea Party activist is discrimination of the worst kind. I am a Tea Party activist. Does that make me a liar? It just may be possible that Mr. Barton, who Pastor Mason criticizes, is correct on most, if not all, of his claims. My research tells me that Mr. Tribble is dead on for most of his facts and for the life of me I could find no half-truths.

Instead of expressing outrage, the Obama administration responded with an apology and appeasement for hurting Muslims feelings when our embassies were attacked on September 11. These attacks were blamed on a video that was put on the internet on July 2 and which had only 155 hits at the time of the attacks. Go figure why they waited until 9/11 to attack.

Mr. Tribble was right about Obama refusing to host the National Day of Prayer put into effect April 15, 1952 by President Truman and honored every year by every president up until Obama (Los Angeles Times, May 7, 2009). Yet Obama proudly hosts dinners in honor of the Muslim season of Ramadan. He did indeed omit “Endowed by our Creator” on at least seven occasions when quoting the Declaration of Independence (The Blaze, October 19, 2010). He apologizes for the burning of a single book of Quran, yet our military burns unsolicited Bibles sent to Afghanistan (CNN, May 22, 2009). In April 2010, Obama orders the rewriting of government documents to remove words possibly offensive to Muslims including jihad, jihadists, terrorists, radical Islamist and others (CBS News April7, 2010 and Fox News, April 7, 2010). In a deliberate act of disrespect, Obama nominates three pro-abortion ambassadors to the Vatican; of course, the pro-life Vatican rejected all three (Chris McGreal, The Guardian, April 14, 2009). When speaking at Georgetown University, he ordered that a monogram symbolizing Jesus’ name be covered while he is making his speech (NBC Washington, April 17, 2009).

The list goes on and on about the things this godless President has said and done that disrespect Christianity and yet praises Islam (Chuck Norris, “President Obama: Muslim Missionary?” Townhall.com, August 24, 2010).

So, have at it Mr. Tribble, you’re doing a great job!

Respectively submitted, The Reverend Timothy D. Bryson, Retired pastor
from Ehrhardt Lutheran Parish (8 yrs. Service)

Letter from October 3, 2012

Tribble needs to research before writing

Dear Editor,

Would you please ask Bob Tribble to stop sitting so much and actually do some research before he writes his column? Almost all of his pieces are filled with half-truths and misleading statements; but his article of September 26th was especially repugnant. For starters, he cites the writings of “Presidential Historian David Barton.” Mr. Barton is NOT a Presidential historian. He is a Tea Party activist who is dismissed by any and all credible historians everywhere. They label his work as “sloppy, misleading and politically motivated.” The various claims that Mr. Tribble lists in this column are all unsubstantiated and incorrect.

Yours in Christ, Pastor Rick Mason Ehrhardt