Elected officials should serve God first

At a Conference this past March in Washington President Barack Obama stated that he should be judged by his actions and not by his words. Presidential historian David Barton has done exhaustive research on Obama and the following is what his study found.

Our president is the most Biblically hostile president of all time. Americans need to know what Obama has done to religious liberty in our nation during his time in office. If we believe in the U.S. Constitution, the rights and freedoms our forefathers wrote about we cannot support the things President Obama stands for and has done.

Americans must be made aware of his continuing attacks on religious liberty. Our newspapers need to inform the public and make them aware of these things. From almost Obama’s first day in office he has had a negative impact on our religious freedoms.

Our president says he is a Christian and it is not our intent to judge that, God will be his judge. But he has directed the Department of Justice to attack churches on numerous fronts making some people feel that his goal is freedom from religion rather than freedom of religion.

It appears that Mr. Obama has no problem with radical Islam and supported a mega mosque at Ground Zero. He appears to be at odds with God and with the Holy Scripture. A president and vice-president who publicly endorsed homosexual marriage certainly goes against God’s word. The first two people God created were Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.

The Religious Freedom Coalition based in Washington, D.C. says that each year of his presidency Obama has declined to host the traditional services for the National Day of Prayer at the White House. Yet, every year he has personally hosted a dinner honoring Islam.

Obama directed the Department of Justice to stop defending the federal Defense of Marriage Act, a duly enacted law of Congress. He also was in favor of homosexuals serving openly in the military, reversing a policy instituted by George Washington in 1778.

Our President omits the phrase “endowed by their Creator” when quoting the Declaration of Independence and was in favor of removing “God” from the Air Force motto of the Rapid Capabilities unit in February 2012.

Religious Freedom Coalition Chairman William Murray says President Obama and his administration conspired to shut down the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom. He named Sen. Dick Durbin from Illinois to lead the attack on the commission. The Senator also added an amendment requiring term limits on the commission that voided President George Bush’s appointees and allowed President Obama to appoint liberals to fill their post.

The Coalition was formed over three decades ago in response to the fact that laws regarding religion in the United States have been under attack by those who would change our society. They believe that Obama has abused his power by making executive orders that bypass our elected representatives.

Before his election he said he would change America and he has done that by making decisions that go against what we Christians feel religious freedom is all about. Obama care has forced individuals and employers to pay for abortions, for those who wish to have one. His attack on our military chaplains and using military bases for same sex marriages has already been done.

Our prayer for the November elections should be that we will elect a president and all other elected officials in Washington that will serve God first and those who elected them secondly.