County Council: Alzena Robinson
Written by Mallory Biering   

According to Bamberg County Council District 2 Member, Alzena Robinson, being a member of the county council comes with a duty of ensuring citizens that the decisions the council are making will result in the best outcome for Bamberg County. Robinson stated her stubborn, but yet consistent determination of checking the facts and voting by facts alone, rather than the party which would most benefit from the situation, keeps her earning the respect of the citizens.

Throughout Robinson's career of serving the community in different government departments, she has learned what it really means to document, observe and evaluate each issue individually and overall in reference to what it may mean for a person, community or county.

Robinson knows without the support of the citizen's she would have been unable to achieve any of her goals. One of these goals would be the completion of the Ness Sports Complex, which was built to help enhance the county's community. The area, which was once an open field, is now the 'heart and soul' for the spring and summer months of Bamberg County.

Her future plans for the Wellness Center, which is currently in the planning stages, is another way in which she sees the county growing together as one, rather than being separated by the cities which make up Bamberg County.

The time Robinson spends is more than just coming up with ideas for the citizens of Bamberg County, she raises two of her grandchildren, and even makes time for road trips with her college friends. During an interview, Robinson stressed the importance of trying new experiences and taking gambles. The idea of going for what's never been done seems to linger in Robinson's plans for Bamberg County.

In November, when citizens will vote yes or no for the penny sales tax, Robinson hopes they vote yes. She, along with other members plan to reach out into the community through churches, civic organizations, and word of mouth to make sure each citizen knows what they are voting for.

Robinson also shared that the courthouse problems had to be fixed due to a mandate that was served to the county. This would mean one way or the other, the county would receive the money to fix the courthouse through a penny sales tax or a millage increase. "Everyone can help, or just property owners," therefore it really is up to the citizens to make the decision come November.

Chris Wilson, Bamberg County Council Member for District 1, along with other members of the committee, were given much recognition from Robinson for the work done reviewing the applications for the penny sales tax projects. The committee was given the opportunity to apply and that all guidelines were met according to the outline of the project goals.

With Robinson's experience as a county council member, her ability to compromise, as well as her ability "to go facts," proves, she "[has had] a good experience," with Bamberg County Council. "They know I'll vote with them or by myself." Robinson added, "It's about the whole picture," and she has Bamberg County as the whole picture.