You couldn't make the pass, if it weren't for us blocking you

At point in a person's life they will have to make a split second decision. The majority of the time that decision will not determine the outcome of his or her life. However, when you're in the career field of emergency services, the split second decisions you make can determine the outcome of another person's life.

As many people may know, I'm the daughter of a retired police officer. And if anyone knows my father, then you know he lived and breathed law enforcement. It was never odd to see police cars in the drive way at home, or to hang out in the police department where he worked.

Having grown up like this, it has always been common knowledge to me the importance of helping the citizens of a community. My father lived to protect and serve the community he worked for, and I can honestly say, even if he weren't my father, he is one of the best police officers I have ever known.

I say this because, he did all he could to make sure the people he was serving had the most up to date knowledge they needed, in order to be safe and help the emergency services protect the community. He did this, even if it meant being late for a family event, or working two shifts in a row.

Informing citizens of the community is crucial in order to help keep a community safe. Of course, I understand deadlines come up, and people have other things planned. However, when it comes to the life of the citizens of the community you serve, it is vital to take a moment, listen to what the concerns are, and determine what you can do to help situation's. It is even more essential to make sure the citizens of the community have the needed information before a situation arises when the information is needed.

I'm not saying that a person shouldn't take a break, or go home on their scheduled time. I am stating that as a leader of a community, if you willingly take a position you volunteered for, were hired for, or were elected for, it is your responsibility to fulfill your promise to those people in the community. You should do whatever it takes to make sure your community has the information they need, even if it means taking five to ten minutes to answer two to three questions or set up an interview for a later time.

Furthermore, citizens of the county please make sure your addresses have been updated to the proper 911 addresses, so that emergency personnel can reach you in the appropriate amount of time.

Additionally, to the leaders in the community, we know you're busy and that you have a million deadlines going on--as do we. However, when we ask questions it's not to upset you, or to call you out for a decision you made. We ask the questions that need to be answered. Think of us as a football team--you all are the quarterback, but you would never be able to make the pass needed if it weren't for us blocking you. This community is a team, and it's time we remember we need to work together to achieve any goals. Therefore, please remember next time that when we ask for a few minutes of your time, it has nothing to do with "calling you out as a leader." We are asking you questions to help better our community--a goal you promised to reach when you accepted the position you now hold.