Remembering 9-11
Written by Jerry Halmon & Mallory Biering   

Being struck by lightning is something that happens to very few of us. In fact, we know how to prevent it, so we think it will never happen. Sometimes other plans are in mind, and you just happen to find yourself vulnerable and under attack. Your life is at stake, and thoughts of what to do next haunt your mind as you try to move for help.

Many people once thought America would never be "struck by lightning," due to our military, policies, and way of life we would never be doomed. However, 11 years ago a few minutes after 9 am, we were proved wrong as two planes crashed into the World Trade Center Towers.

The moment you heard someone say, "A plane just crashed into the World Trade Center," chills immediately made their way over your body. It was like a car wreck on the side of the road, but instead of driving by, you relived it over and over as it was posted all over national television. The pictures and videos of people running down the streets, jumping from the building, and smoke rising into that clear blue day, is now listed as a dark day for our history books.

However, just like any American would do, we had a plan, we remembered our faith, and we got up. Some may not agree with the decisions to solve the problem, however maybe we can all agree on the feelings we had as we watched our elected leader promise to protect the country from another attack.

As the days, weeks, and years have progressed our country has grown stronger together as we remember that awful day. It was the day when time stopped, and we had to sink or swim. We did anything but sink, we arose to the challenges at hand and took back what was taken from us.