City of Bamberg moving to require inspections
Written by Jerry E. Halmon   

A proposed Ordinance supported by Bamberg Fire Chief Timmie Taylor that places of business be inspected by the Fire Marshal and County Building Inspector to ensure code compliance before the business is issued a license, is on its way to becoming law after Council’s August 13, meeting Monday night.

Bamberg City Council members voted to approve giving City of Bamberg Clerk/Treasurer Bruce Watson the authority to move forward with Ordinance 12-4 requiring inspections of businesses before licenses are granted. The first reading of the Ordinance will be at Council’s September meeting.

Sec. 17-82 Inspections required before licensing states: All buildings and structures in which a business wishes to locate are inspected for code compliance and approved by the Fire Marshall and Building Inspector before a business license can be issued by the City of Bamberg.

Also during Monday night’s meeting Council members agreed to table until their next meeting adoption of a set of guidelines for public participation at Council meetings. It was noted that the City had nothing to go by pertaining to the public participation at meetings, while other towns like Barnwell had implemented certain policies governing the public’s participation. The proposed Ordinance would limit participation in town meetings to people who are “citizens of Bamberg” and who have city business to discuss. Clerk/Treasurer Bruce Watson noted that the proposed guidelines wouldn’t be “confining.”

Council member Janeth Walker noted that while she had “no problem” with something like this being on the books, her concern was that the guideline would restrict people who weren’t citizens of the City of Bamberg from coming forth with legitimate city business concerns.

“What if a person lived in the County and has a business in the city?” Walker asked, adding “If it affects the City they should be able to address Council. If anyone has a matter concerning the City they should be able to come forward not just a citizen.”

Also during Monday night’s meeting in the financial reported it was noted the City is at eight percent of its budget. City insurance commissioner Kevin Sandifer reported insurance premiums will increase by $6,000 or 6.3 to 7 seven percent. Mayor Pro Tem Nancy Foster reported the $2.8 million expansion of Tobul Accumulator. She noted the basketball court at the Ness Sports Complex was finished and Foster Park and Frog Park were both in “good order.” Council members received as information the resignation of Robert Thomas from the Bamberg Board of Zoning Appeals.

Council members approved giving $1,000 out of the recreation fund to the Bamberg Youth Football League.