Democracy in action

Dear Editor,

I would like to say “Thank You” to the citizens of Bamberg County who found the time to attend the June 11, 2012 County Council meeting. It was refreshing and uplifting to see the citizens participating in the operation of their government. This was one of the best and more informative County Council meetings I have been to in the last 2 years. There was open and frank discussion between the citizens and council members. Approximately 30 citizens attended and I thank them for their participation. For those who could not attend, I want to assure you there is still plenty of seating available for you. The more the citizens participate in their government the better government you will have.

I think the people attending the council meeting became more aware of the plans for Wellness Park. Undefined, unplanned, unfunded, and all around unwanted by those in attendance. However, your County Council did not remove the Wellness Park for future consideration. They just sent the idea back to the planning committee for more definition. This allows the Wellness Park to be considered in the future when more details are known. I would have liked for the County Council members to commit themselves openly either as “for” or “against” this Wellness Park idea. I think those in attendance found out there are additional plans for the park that may include other things we have not heard of before such as affiliation with the YMCA. Whatever the outcome, the citizens of Bamberg County need to stay informed on this matter and make their opinions heard.

Those in attendance openly debated the proposed referendum on the penny sales tax. Both sides of the argument made good cases. This was democracy in action. I am proud of all who made their case in an open, knowledgeable and pleasant manner.

County Council still has not dealt with the issue of fees in lieu of taxes incentives they are providing business. When the County Council accepts fees in lieu of taxes the money collected is not shared with the schools. This deprives the schools of needed revenue.

I want to thank those in attendance for letting County Council know the county web site needs to be more informative. With Bamberg County having only a weekly newspaper, the citizens are not informed of meetings until after the fact. When government meetings are scheduled, people need to know in advance. The County web site would be a good place to provide this information.

To those who could not find the time to attend the County Council meeting, I say to you; “you get the government you deserve”. If you want good government, you have to participate.

Ronald Moulder, Bamberg

We need to get involved

Dear Editor,

The response at the June 11 county council meeting was much better. There were many more people from Bamberg, but the other areas of our county were not represented. You might say that is why we have county council. The people need to see for themselves how the council works. We need to get involved to work for and pull for Bamberg County. I realize now that there is too much pulling apart.

Where are you salt of the earth people?

We are all accountable and it is never too late to turn to the next page. Make sure your name is written as a county supporter.

It is never too late to change the future of our county!

We are sending our children to college to get a better education so their lives can be easier and better than ours, but is it really better?

What is wrong with working hard and taking pride in what we do. Do we encourage them to come back home. Have our grandchildren or do we send them off to greener pastures. Exactly where is that. We need our young people to bring their knowledge back to their home county to help us see where change is needed to promote jobs for people here and also for themselves.

Our stores are dwindling, our industries are leaving – Why? Is it because we do not have the courage or knowledge to keep them here.

Where are our backbones. We spend our money, waste our time, wear our cars out to run up and down the road to find a bargain. It’s crazy-tell the store owners what you need so they can stock that. We all need to remember money is not in the center of our universe. Fun is nice - but have we allowed this to take the place of love, warmth - helping one another.

It takes a real man or woman to stand up and fight for the rights for our county. We can’t always blame the way things are on someone else.

Support our stores and businesses in our county.

Help our County Council, support them by letting them know how we feel about the issues.

Wellness Park - Get Real - Wellness starts at home, not down the road! That falls under the heading of waste management!

Mary (Libby) Nobles, Denmark

You need to know who the sexual predators are

Dear Editor,

Bamberg County is harboring convicted pedophiles! The parents and grandparents and concerned residents should be aware of where these individuals are located throughout the community, residencies and the work force.

These individuals may work on your car, paint your house or cut your grass! They can be a “trusted” family friend or occupy the church pew beside you!

But rest assured they exist among us on a close and personal basis. They operate thru fear and intimidation, threat of violence to their victims or their loved ones- even threats on beloved pets, to control and make sure the “secret” is kept between the pedophile and the child.

Please do not put your heads in the sand about this subject! It is a real occurrence and right now as I write this letter some little child is suffering in silence and terror!

Even when the abuse is reported a perpetrator can receive only a “slap on the wrist justice” with probation or community service. Shame on the justice system of Bamberg County when this occurs, leaving the children more afraid than ever that the threats, whispered will now come true.

Know this all you citizens of Bamberg County, sexual predators are never reformed, rehabilitated or sorry in any way for their actions! They continue to abuse until death!

Please be an advocate for maximum penalties for sexual predator criminals! Please stand up for the rights of the children. It could be the one that belongs to you!

Donna F. Rogers, Ehrhardt