Pizza Hut robbed at gun point
Written by Jerry Durgan   

Around 9:30 p.m. Sunday, April 16, two armed robbers assaulted an employee of the Bamberg Pizza Hut, stealing the cash drawer and leaving with an estimated $1,000.

According to the Bamberg Police Department investigation report, two men, armed with pistols, approached one of the Pizza hut employees while he was taking trash out the back door of the restaurant. Both armed men were wearing black masks over their faces and both wore black clothing. One of the robbers struck the employee on the side of his head with his pistol while the other robber “racked his pistol,” pointing to the employee’s chest, saying “Yea … this … is real,” pushing the employee back against the dumpster then ordering him to the ground and taking his cell phone and car keys.

Ordering the employee back into the restaurant they asked if there were any customers in the store. With a pistol at his back, the employee reentered the store where two other employees were located. Pointing a pistol at another employee, they asked, “What you got?” at which the employee gave him his cell phone.

When asked “Where’s the drawer?” demanding that he open it, an employee told the robbers that he didn’t have a key, at which time the robber “became irate,” cocked his pistol, demanding “Open it! Open it!” The employee then told the robbers to “just take the drawer,” at which time both robbers fled out the back door with the cash drawer toward Smoak Street.

Quickly upon arrival Bamberg Police Cpl. Allen Cook established a perimeter while Bamberg Police Officer Lance Thomas began interviewing the victims. Sgt. Chris Sandifer identified a trail of loose coins from the back of the restaurant down Smoak Street for about 150 yards where it is believed “a vehicle was waiting.” Officer Thomas was able to locate one .38 caliber bullet “that was (possibly) ejected from the racking the slide during the initial confrontation.”

All of the Pizza Hut employees volunteered statements and were fingerprinted.

Pizza Hut employees were unable to comment because of corporate policy.

Bamberg Police Chief George Morris said that the investigation was “on going. We’ll get them,” he said. “If anyone has any information on the robbery,” he said, “we would deeply appreciate any information you can provide, no matter how small.” You can call the Bamberg Police Department at 803.256.2462. Any caller will remain anonymous.