Opinions - 04-02-2008
Written by The Advertizer-Herald   

Enough is enough

Dear Editor,

“ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” about the Bamberg County Hospital and its leadership!!!! Mr. Clair Guess’ recent article attacking the Bamberg County Hospital Administrator was shameful! While I do not know Mr. Hammett personally, I have known OF HIM, professionally, for many years, including, before he came to Bamberg. He has always been of high regard and very well respected, as an administrator and individual.

The good folks of the town of Denmark elected Clair Guess, and Isaiah Odom (my good friend, and brother in Christ) and others, to represent them on the Bamberg County Council. Likewise, these good elected county council officials appointed their personal choices of representation to the Bamberg County Hospital Board. In making these appointments to the hospital board, did the Councilperson explain what was required of them?

Mr. Guess recently ‘lam-blasted’ Mr. Warren Hammett, Hospital Administrator, in the news media, regarding the financial condition of the hospital. All small hospitals struggle with the same financial problems. The tone of Mr. Guess’s comments in the newspaper was such, that I would like to make a suggestion.

If there is derelict in management, and, irresponsibility for the hospital, why hasn’t the Bamberg County Hospital Board familiarized themselves with these reports and asked Mr. Hammett for answers? And, if there are personnel problems with Mr. Hammett, they do not need to be discussed in the news media. Certainly, not by one of the ‘big bosses’, i.e., Mr. Guess.

If the hospital’s board is not familiar with the hospital’s finances and reports, its Council’s fault. The hospital’s board appointees are the individuals they should be getting some answers from also. One wonders what criteria Council uses in appointing board members. Mr. Guess appears to have ‘blindsided’ the Board, with the article in the newspaper, which did not reflect very well on the Hospital’s Board.

Is the County’s Hospital Board doing their job as board members? They should be the ‘overseers’ of the hospital’s operations management results. One would assume that the administrator provides monthly reports to the chairperson of the hospital board.

In reviewing these reports, any questions should be referred to the hospital’s administrator for answers, rather than looking to County Council for action. The Hospital Board should have all the answers to all the questions, with recommendations if need be, before County Council gets involved. If the Hospital Board is not involved in a Q & A session with the administrator, there is no need to have a Hospital Board.

As Mr. Guess continues to haggle about the leadership of the Bamberg County Hospital, you will recall, not long ago, this gentleman and other Denmark folks wanted the hospital to be located in Denmark, or, at least closer to Denmark, out at the airport. Could this be a part of Mr. Guess’ overall dissatisfaction?

All the haggling from the vocal Denmark council representative continues to reflects a form of selfishness. Mr. Jim Harrison of Denmark, was quoted during the previous hospital relocation turmoil, as the town being ‘more unified’; maybe so, however, one thing is for sure, their representative continues to tarnish their credibility in Bamberg County.

Sara Caldwell, Ehrhardt, SC