PETA offers $1,000 reward for dogs stolen from MAMAS

Jerry E. Halmon, Staff Reporter

Mary Ann Morris Animal Shelter (MAMAS) officials report that three dogs from the shelter went missing on Sunday evening New Year’s Eve. One of the dogs was described as a full blooded Pit Bulldog and the two other Pit Bulldogs were described as mixed. In wake of the thefts, the shelter has taken the precaution of adding an onsite security system to ward off future thefts. A substantial award will be given for information leading to the return of these dogs or the arrest of those responsible for the theft. The dogs go by the names of “Braveheart,” “Farmer” and “Serenity.” Anyone with information concerning the stolen animals can contact MAMAS at 1-803-245-7387, or the Bamberg County Sheriff’s Office at 1-803-245-3018. The news of the missing dogs from MAMAS has garnered national attention and PETA now joins the Bamberg County Sheriff’s Office in its effort to find the missing animals and will add $1,000 to the reward to find the stolen dogs.

Four pit bull mixes remain missing after one was stolen from the Mary Ann Morris Animal Shelter in Bamberg on November 22 and three more were taken on New Year's Day. "You just can't put a price on these dogs, especially given the fate that they may well have to endure," shelter co-manager Bob Spinazzola told news sources. Pit bulls are often targeted for use in dog fighting, including being used as "bait" during training. PETA is adding up to $1,000 to other rewards for information leading to the safe return of these missing dogs.

"We implore the public to come forward with any tips regarding the whereabouts of these animals," says PETA Director Martin Mersereau. "The dogs could die horribly if they're not recovered soon."

Anyone with information about this case is encouraged to contact the Bamberg County Sheriff's Office at 803-245-3018. PETA also urges residents not to leave animals outdoors unattended.