Ehrhardt Town Council members sworn in

The Ehrhardt Town Council held its regular monthly meeting on December 20. The following members were present Amy Lee, Bill Edinger, Freddie Copeland, Bennie Hughes and Mayor Bill Stanley. Mayor Stanley gave the invocation followed by the swearing-in of town council members Bill Edinger and Amy Lee. In the public comments portion of the meeting the following items were discussed:

The base rate for sewer service, pay off of loan (financial statement for the end of the year), lower sewer rates using the water meter. Mayor Stanley asked council to compare the income and expenses through December 2011. Also during the public comments portion of the meeting the following items were discussed: The Town Hall bathrooms and sewer are still not working properly, also discussed were moving books for setting up the library, guidelines and safety precautions in moving rooms. The majority of council members agreed to let Frank Ogle do the work.

After the agenda and the minutes of the last meeting were approved Public Safety Chief Chad Dilling reported the following: That the Town of Ehrhardt is next on the list for Bamberg County for the first quarter of next year to have its ISO rating inspection. Chief Dilling noted the fire department responded to five calls during the month. The soup supper on December 10, collected $977.00 and a meeting was held to sponsor a barbeque chicken or spaghetti dinner in the spring to raise money to finish lighting in the fire station. The Ehrhardt Police Department created six case files during the time period including the following: LENTask Force on December 16 reported nine arrest involving alcohol, drivers’ license, weapons and drug arrest.

In the public works department report it was noted that $15,035.37 was collected in November and $11,613.73 was collected in December to date. The department reported that 12 or 13 customers had their service cutoff.

Also during the meeting:

• It was noted that the Town is in the process of getting a Rural Development Grant application together.

• The Family Health Center of Orangeburg County is still looking into a rural development grant to start a clinic in Ehrhardt.

• The construction company is trying to get well number three in service by the middle of January by hauling finished chemical treatment.

• Council members agreed to pay half of a $350 bill to remove a tree on the town’s property that is leaning toward Kim Dilling’s fence and deck.