Ehrhardt considers new mapping system

Ehrhardt Mayor William Stanley said at the August meeting that Bamberg County is currently looking at a new mapping system for the county which also has programs for individual towns to be able to use this mapping system. Each town would be able to use the program for mapping of buildings, properties, water and sewer lines and fire hydrants. Mayor Stanley said that Bamberg and Denmark are on board with the new system and Ehrhardt could be for a total cost of $5500.00. One of the interesting facts is that Columbia will be on-line with the same system for the same cost. The company’s name is WTH (Where Technology Happens).

Mayor Stanley said he had contacted Representative James Clyburn and he (Clyburn) had written the Post-master General concerning the closures of some of the rural Post Offices.

Representative Clyburn received notification from the Post-Master General “At the present time, there will be NO closure of the Post Office in Ehrhardt.”

In other business:

• Chief Dilling was called on by Councilman Bill Edinger to give the Police and Fire reports. Chief Dilling reported there were 9 police calls plus regular traffic stops for the month including a couple of child custody issues, 2 DUS , 2 stolen A/c units and 2 vehicle accidents for the month. No bad fires for the Fire department for the month with only one structure fire on August 2nd.

• Other fire calls were assisting EMS and removal of a tree from a road after one of our late afternoon pop-up storms. The Chief went on to discuss an 'Extraction Class' which will held in Govan on September 6 to learn the proper operation of the "Jaws of Life". The class is set to run 5 days 7pm-11-pm and Saturday will be an all day event. Currently, Ehrhardt Fire Department has 7 or 8 volunteers signed-up.

• Councilman Copeland addressed the group from the Public Works department, concerning the daily test at a cost of $55.00 per day. Hopefully, we will be able to test our own water in the near future at a considerable savings. Another concern was of Well #3, to test it or to cap it off. Well #3 has been off-line for some time but has greater capacity than our other wells. To test it, they will need to pull the pump and send a video camera down to see if there is any need pursue the viability of Well #3, at a cost of $5000.00.

• In other Public works, Kathie Stroman reported "We are still working with EPA on the drilling of another well and currently waiting on a letter of No impact" from SCDNR on two species of birds that may or may not inhabit the area."

• Mayor Stanley announced 2 seats on Town Council were up for reelection, Councilman Bill Edinger and Councilwoman Amy Lee. Filing dates are from 12 noon August 15th-August 29th 12 noon. There is a $15.00 filing fee.

Patty Jeffcoat, with the Bamberg County Voter Registration Office, said, "With two Council seats open, assuming that our current council persons file and there is no opposition, there will be no election. If three parties file, then there will be an election November 8, 2011 to elect two of the three."