City of Bamberg delinquent taxes remain the same

Delinquent taxes for the City of Bamberg have not increased or decreased much over the last year. City of Bamberg Clerk/Treasurer Bruce Watson told council members at their August meeting that delinquent taxes which total $187,000 this year are about where they were last year. “They didn’t go up or down,” Watson said, noting he is still trying to get a handle on that figure to see how much is inflated and how much is available to collect. “We’re not sure at this point.”

The City of Bamberg’s delinquent taxes had risen to $220,000 at one point over the last several years but have since fallen to $187, 000. Delinquent tax numbers are used to calculate how much of a tax credit the citizens of Bamberg are to receive on their 2011 taxes. Watson noted that it is important to calculate how much of a “tax credit or tax rollback” citizens receive each so that in years to come the state does not come in say “you should have given $50,000 or $100,000” back to the tax payers. It was noted that the City of Bamberg has “always given back more” or what it should in tax credits to its citizens.

Also during the meeting:

• Council members heard a report from Police Chief George Morris stating that the department was a little “shorthanded” with one officer out sick, one officer on suspension and a couple trying to take vacations. The department received a new police car on Friday.

• Heard a report from Councilmember Janeth Walker stating the sanitation department got a trailer for trash pickup. Walker asked the public to “bare with us” in the trash being picked up as the new truck driver is still learning the route. Walker noted she spoke with Mr. Carter at DOT concerning street sweeping and was informed it was not something that could be put on a schedule. Carter asked that he be notified when his department’s services were need.

• Councilmember Buck Fralick reported that the fire department was also a little shorthanded with two people out but volunteers were filling in.

• Councilmember Nancy Foster reported the city is continuing to make repairs as needed at the Ness Sports Complex. She noted the civic center needs a roof and the city is working on a grant. The City Hall building, parking lot and other buildings were noted as being in “pretty good shape.” Foster reported that Gov. Nikki Haley came to Denmark recently to announce the expansion of Masonite and the Bamberg County Memorial Hospital was still losing jobs.

Further in the meeting:

Council members:

• Approved the 2011-2012 contract with Bamberg County for fire services for $55,500.

• Approved the 2011-2012 School Resource Officer contracts with Bamberg School District One.

• Approved the Sales Tax Credit Factor of .007214 for 2011 Tax Year.

• Agreed to table approval of a contract with waste Management for garbage services, noting the need for more study and more clarification.