America’s Accountant Rep-Paul Ryan

A recent edition of the U.S. Chamber Magazine had a story about Republican Rep. Paul Ryan who is referred to as America’s Accountant. The 41 year old chairman of the House Budget Committee is a rising star in his party and a frequent target of President Obama.

More than 160 people came to hear Ryan speak at The Gathering Place in Milton, Wisconsin on a rainy day in April. It was one of 19 town hall listening sessions that Ryan attended during the two week Congressional recess which totals more than 500 sessions that he has held since being elected to the House in 1998.

At most sessions the tables are decorated with paper birdhouses and every seat is taken. People of all ages come to the sessions first going to the table with the large metal coffee urn to get themselves a cup. Conversation from throughout the room centers on the economy and the areas unemployment rate of more than ten percent.

The speaker comes in at 9 A.M. looking somewhat like a college professor as he begins his Power Point presentation. Ryan lays out his main points and explains his budget proposal noting that spending is out of control and Congress will have to make some tough decisions that will help the country to “tackle these problems before they tackle us.”

Up to six trillion over the next ten years would be removed from the federal budget, lowering government spending below the 2008 levels which will reduce the deficit by $4.4 trillion under Ryan’s plan. This could be done by reducing spending, cutting entitlements and changing sections of the tax code.

Ryan’s budget plan would also cut the top income tax rate from 35% to 25% which concerns some people. He pointed out at one meeting that two thirds of the nation’s jobs are provided by small businesses who pay the corporate tax rate. He also added that Pres. Obama proposes to tax these businesses at almost a 45% rate which would keep them from creating more jobs and he disagrees with that proposal.

The chamber article said that Ryan’s budget cleared the House by a vote of 253-195 and that some GOP presidential candidates and several business organizations had praised it. The U.S. Chamber president said, “We are pleased to see someone taking a hard look at these challenges that threaten to plague future generations.”

Ryan proposes a corporate and top tax rate of 25% for everyone including small businesses that file as individuals. He says we have a system where we want small businesses to become big businesses and we should remove tax barriers to help businesses become successful. He says that competitive countries are lowering tax rates and that we should do the same.

Ryan says that pushing politically risky ideas is his job. When you feel that you are elected to do a job then you should do it. “I sleep very soundly at night and with a clear conscience knowing I’m doing what I think is right to prevent this country from having an economic collapse,” says America’s Accountant Rep. Paul Ryan.