Fantastic Music

Dear Editor,

What a fantastic afternoon of music! The benefit concert sponsored by the Apollo Music Club on June 5 to assist gifted tuba player Norman Davis in purchasing a much-needed instrument was a overwhelming success! As someone said, "Where can you spend a Sunday afternoon and hear talented performers play classical, country, and jazz like we heard at this concert." As usual, Norman Davis, accompanied by David Whitaker, wowed the audience. Our very own country music star David Cooler and his keyboard player Miles Bryant also wowed the full house. I would like to thank all who came to support Norman and those who have contributed financially but could not be there. And a huge thanks to David Cooler for volunteering to participate in the concert to help a young musician. We are nearing our goal but are not quite there yet. If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution, the check should be made to the Apollo Music Club and mailed to Chris Ness, 847 Pine St., Bamberg, SC.

Harriet Coker, Bamberg

Attention newspaper thieves

Dear Editor,

I would like to address this letter of concern to the people who steal newspapers in the area.

Some people have the feeling that buying one newspaper gives them the right to take more than one. I know from first hand those kinds of people are out there.

As a newspaper carrier, I have experienced the loss of papers from my route boxes. No matter the warning or the outcome, papers are paid for upfront by the carrier. Most paper companies have little to do with the papers after they print them. I have to pay for each one before they’re offered to the public.

Theft hurts people. It hurts people’s jobs, causing them to lose theirs and especially the carriers small income they make.

At this time this petty crime of newspaper theft is costing me over $350 a month. That loss represents to me a total loss of one day’s wages.

This is a crime and carries very stiff punishment. Jail time could be one factor plus a fine of more than $1,000 dollars. This is a steep price to pay for a stolen 75 cents newspaper.

I have caught one thief and will be watching out for other theft activities. No matter whose newspaper that is stolen, this is still theft and I will report it.

We are working hard while you sleep to supply this service to the public. I ask you to not take from my family and household as well as from others.

Richard Jeffries, Bamberg