County Council gives 2nd reading approval to new budget

Bamberg County Council members gave second reading approval to the county’s proposed $7,527,861 budget for the fiscal year 2011-2012 at their June 6, meeting in the Bamberg County Courthouse. The balanced budget represents a $149,790 decrease over last year’s budget of $7,668,651. County Administrator Rose Dobson-Elliott noted the County was looking to cut an additional $40,000.

It was also noted that since the budget’s first reading on May 2, County budget writers cut $1,800 for meals for inmates and $10,500 was cut from the County’s E-911 budget. Also included in the proposed budget is $10,500 for stipends for members of the Bamberg County Election Commission, which is an expense, previously paid by the state of South Carolina. A third reading of the budget is scheduled for June 20, at 6:30 p.m. in the county courthouse.

Also during the meeting:

• BCMH-CFO Derek Pierce reported that year-to-date the hospital has experienced an overall net loss of $1,932,724 compared with a budgeted seven month gain of $335,758. Total cash collections for April were $922,534, which was $886,044 less than collected in March. Pierce noted that Year-to-date net revenue for the seven months ending April 30 was $8,402,593, which is $3.2 million less than budgeted.

• County finance director Thomas M. Thomas reported the county has collected year-to-date through May 30, 2011 revenues totaling $5,662,382, with year-to-date expenses of $6,346,762, with two months left in this fiscal year.

• County Council members also approved second reading of an of an ordinance authorizing the county to enter an agreement with Barnwell and Allendale counties related to the proposed Tri-County Regional Health Care Park

• Council members approved the allocation of $13,000 for 17 recreational programs in the county.

• Members approved the authorization of a resolution to honor Bamberg businessman and former BPW Commissioner and Bamberg City Councilman Carl Kilgus for his years of service to Bamberg County.