FOSAD Group is not being truthful

Dear Editor,

I am writing in concern to a “wonderful” group called FOSAD, a group that is supposedly concerned about the town of Bamberg. It recently sent out a letter for some reason to only a few select citizens putting down the current administration and was full of nothing but untruths.

Who is this group called FOSAD and what are their intentions? I do know that it is in part headed up by a man that does not even live in Bamberg County, a man who has been banned from city council meetings for his inappropriate actions. This sounds like someone we need helping Bamberg. The letter that was sent out contains untruths and racism in its greatest form, the same racism that has been holding not only this town but our country from moving forward for decades.

In this letter it accuses our current administration of, and I quote, “Bigotry and biased public relations.” If you ask me, the only bigotry and bias is based on this group and its leaders.

In this letter it brought up the topic of Ness Sports Complex. The accusation: Our current administration wants to move the Ness Sports Complex and that the town was going to use some $25,000 dollars to do this using our taxpayer’s dollars.” The truth: The topic was discussed some time ago to move the basketball courts to another undetermined location, due to parking issues at the complex. This issue was dismissed by the committee formed to oversee this. The $25,000 of taxpayer’s money was another untruth. The money that was to be used was to be funded with the help of Representative Bakari Sellers.

The letter went on asking the assistance of voting for Mrs. Janeth Walker, Ms. Cynthia Summers, Mrs. Lydia Hayes- Hudson, and Ms. Sharon Hammond. It stated that only a community as a whole can make a difference.

What kind of difference are we looking for? I would have liked to have received one of these letters and not have been left out just because my skin is of a different color. I, too, am a concerned citizen; however, writing this letter based on facts, not untruths. If you would like to see this letter in its full form, please contact me. I, unlike the publishers of the other letter, am signing my name and giving you my contact information.

Kevin Sandifer, Bamberg
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Run...Shame is here

Dear Editor,

Where is the shame in our lives today? In the dictionary shame is guilt, embarrassment, felt for a wrongful act, dishonest. But in our society today where is the shame. Do you remember the days when you misbehaved, lied, stole from someone. Your mother or father would point their finger at you and say, “Shame on you”, to be followed by a stern blistering of the backside. You did have shame after that and you knew what shame was. Do you remember your days at school when you misbehaved, lied, cheated, stole from someone or where caught pushing someone around. Did you have shame then? Or was it after you got caught by the teacher and the teacher pointed a finger at you and said, “Shame on you” in front of your classmates, sent you to the principal’s office for punishment or worse yet called your mother. You know what shame is. But do you really remember? Why are we not shamed for electing people to office that lie to us, steal from us, have no moral character and have no shame of their own? Why are we not a shamed for treating celebrities with no morals or sense of right and wrong as if they were Gods or people to be looked up to? Have you not watched television lately or gone to the movies. Are you not shamed for what you are seeing and hearing? Are you teaching your children the values ingrained in you by your parents or grandparents? Or have you brought shame on them by condoning the bad behavior of your children? We have a society today that condones shameful behavior and celebrates it. Where is the preacher that is supposed to remind us about shameful behavior and hold us accountable? Is he so locked into the verses of the bible he no longer sees shameful behavior? Or is he ignoring shameful behavior so as not to upset the church members and the offering. What is being taught at school? Are we teaching the children reading, writing, mathematics, history, science and good citizenship? Or are we worrying about their health, nutrition, sense of well being. You know those things parents are supposed to take care of. Are we teaching our children to think, study, work hard and become good citizens? Or are we teaching them about their “rights”, or how bad mankind is to the environment, or that you don’t have to be responsible for your actions, it’s not your fault, somebody from the government will be here to help you out of the mess you made. Where is the shame of the parents for not being involved with their children’s schools? Where is the shame of the business man who puts his personnel profits over providing quality products with quality service to his customers? Where is the shame of the Wall Street Bankers when they stole your money? It’s about time we all remember what “SHAME ON YOU” means. It’s about time everyone stands up for honesty, integrity, hard work and good citizenship. Be involved, shine the light on shame, expose it, and point your finger when you see it, holler out loud when you see it, condemn shame and the people that bring it near you.

Ron Moulder, Bamberg