What was the hospital board doing?

Dear Editor,

As I follow the story about the Bamberg County Hospital, I am truly amazed that it appears as if the Board of Trustees has placed the blame for the current condition of the hospital, solely on the hospital's former administrator's. This leaves me to question what, if anything was the board doing during this time frame. The Board has stated that the administrator has been submitting false/or inaccurate reports which led them to believe the hospital was financially stable. Based on past experiences at the hospital, no one person should have had that absolute authority and control. Where was the system of checks and balances? As I understand it, Boards are in place to oversee and help prevent these types of situations from occurring. To the board members, I thank you for your service, but if your service is solely self serving, then I implore you to please take a moment to re-evaluate your reason for serving on the board, as you have a GREATER responsibility to all citizens of Bamberg County. Please be the voice that we want you to be.

Ronda R. Bamberg, Bamberg