Short Stories you will enjoy

He struggled as an inventor holding a series of part time jobs while he “invented” at night in his garage. He finally came up with a clay based material that would soak up oil and grease spills.

At first he thought he had a market with industry for his product, claiming that it would remove hazards connected with oil spills quickly and efficiently. But as a one person company he could not compete with the larger distributors who had the business locked up. Selling to gasoline stations on a one on one basis was not cost effective.

One day a neighbor asked to use the compound for cat litter. It didn’t track all over the house and besides that it looked good. Edward Lowe suddenly realized he was on to something so he began selling the compound to pet shops and went on to supply 40 percent of a $400 million a year cat box filler market.


Shortly after Phil was admitted to the hospital he heard a knock at the door of his room. “Come in,” Phil said, and in came a woman. “I am your doctor. Please take off your clothes,” she said. Phil asked her if she meant for him to remove all of his clothing and she told him that was just what she meant.

So he took off all his clothes and she examined him starting with his nose, then throat, chest, stomach, thighs and feet. When she finished her examination she said, “You may get into bed and do you have any questions?” “Just one, why did you knock?” Phil asked.


An eccentric old king wanted to bequeath his throne to one of his two sons so he decides that a horse race would be run and that the son who owns the slower horse would become king.

The sons each feared that the other would cheat by having his horse run slower than it is capable of so they asked a wise man for advice. With only two words the wise man told them how to make sure that the race would be fair. “Switch horses,” he advised the sons.


Wary of invading the Persian Empire King Croesus consulted the oracle at Delphi, who replied that if he went to war he would destroy a great empire. Being encourage he promptly attacked the Persians, who proceeded to throttle the Lydian's, capture their capitol and throw their leaders, including Croesus, into prison.

Croesus was furious and sent a delegation to Delphi demanding to know why the oracle had deceived him. The oracle’s reply was that she had not deceived him because he had indeed destroyed a great empire, his own.


While attending a small reception given in her honor during a visit to San Francisco in 1966 Princess Margaret was introduced to Barnaby Conrad. “You have a very English name. Are you English?” the princess asked.

“No ma’am. But my sixth great grandmother was. Then she married a colonel and soon after became an American. His name was George Washington,” Conrad said. “Oh,” replied Princess Margaret as only the English can say that word.


In a hard fought game against Carlisle Indian school a soon to be famous West Point cadet’s football career came to an abrupt halt when he injured his knee tackling another star athlete name Jim Thorpe.

Had the promising left halfback gone on to a career in professional football America might never have had a president named Dwight Eisenhower.