County receives blast of winter

Bamberg County and the state of South Carolina received its second dose of winter weather Monday, January 10, when much of the county received a wintry mix of snow, freezing rain and ice beginning around 12:00 midnight Monday and changing into freezing rain during the day Monday, where temperatures remained around freezing during the day and into the evening.

The winter weather caused the closing of the Bamberg County Courthouse, several businesses closed early or did not open and meetings were canceled or delayed. A press release from the Bamberg County Emergency Service on Monday January 10 stated that Governor Mark Sanford declared a state of emergency.

There were reports of trees down and accidents and disabled motorist throughout the County and the state during the height of the winter storm.

A spokesman with the Edisto Electric and Gas Company in Bamberg said Tuesday morning “the company was still working to restore power to some of its customers; however most of the customers who had their power out have had it restored and the company was in the process of trimming and removing trees Tuesday morning.”