Under the Cloak of Darkness...

The Advertizer -Herald is Bamberg County's newspaper and its mission is to inform and keep the citizens of Bamberg County aware of what is happening in the county. At a recent public meeting, a public official made a statement that the newspaper received information from 'Under the Cloak of Darkness' in regards to what is going on with the possible sale of the Bamberg County Hospital.

First of all, the information that was given to me came from a concerned citizen...asking for the newspaper to help save the hospital...this information did not come from 'Under the Cloak of Darkness'...a citizen concerned about how and what kind of economic impact this action could have on the entire county...someone who cares about the welfare of the county and how it will affect the lives of its citizens.

I think we need to have more concerned citizens in the county and I myself am very concerned about what is going on with our hospital...very concerned.

The citizens of Bamberg County need to know what is going on and it is my duty as publisher of this newspaper to do the best that I can to keep them informed and updated...I think they call it Freedom of the Press.

Yes, the citizens of Bamberg County have a right to know. It is their hospital.

All the meetings concerning this matter thus far have been conducted behind closed doors. I think Bamberg County Council and the Bamberg County Hospital Board need to come forward and from 'Under the Cloak of Darkness' and let the citizens of the county have some say in this matter.

Enough said...Case Closed.