Bunch appointed BPW Commissioner

After going several weeks without making a decision on whom to appoint to fill the unexpired term of the late Board of Public Works Commissioner Buddy Sandifer, Bamberg City Council members voted 4-1 in a special meeting Wednesday evening, September 08, to appoint one of their own, Councilmember Buzzy Bunch to fill the seat.

Bunch, who will have to resign his city council seat if he decides to accept the appointment to the BPW position, said after the meeting that after working with the BPW’s for several years and serving on city council, he saw his appointment to the board as a way to bring the city of Bamberg and the BPW closer together.

“Working with the city council, I know that side of it now and working at the BPW for several years and knowing their side, I think I can bring the two sides a little closer together then they are right now,” Bunch said.

Bunch, who, now follows in the steps of his grandfather, the late BPW Chairman and Commissioner John “Candy” Bunch, added,” The city and the board needs to be a little closer together. I just think there are a lot of things that I may be able to do by knowing both sides to make it a lot better for the citizens of Bamberg.”

Bunch’s appointment came after an approximately 30-minute closed meeting. City council members voted to return to open session with Councilmember Teresa Hannibal placing the name of former Commissioner Bob Clary in nomination to fill the open BPW seat. Hannibal’s nomination of Clary died for lack of a second.

After Clary’s nomination died for lack of a second, Councilmember Bo Griffin, placed Buzzy Bunch’s name into nomination and his nomination was seconded by Councilmember Mayor Pro Tem Nancy Foster. Council members Bo Griffin, Janeth Walker, Nancy Foster and Mayor Alton McCollum voted in favor of Bunch’s appointment. Councilmember Teresa Hannibal voted against the nomination and Buzzy Bunch abstained from voting.

Bunch is expected to submit his resignation from Bamberg City Council on Thursday. Because his resignation comes with more than 180-days left in office, a special election will have to be held to fill his seat. If an election is not held to fill Bunch’s unexpired term Governor Mark Sanford will appoint someone to fill the seat.