In This Weeks Edition: 09-15-2010

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Prayer Warriors...Cry Out America!

Jerry Durgan, Contributing Writer

Awakening America Alliance Prayer Service on the Bamberg County courthouse lawn September 11th drew dozens to the non-denominational nationwide effort to see Prayer Warriors on the steps of every Courthouse throughout the United States.

In contrast to a call for a car wash down the street, Susan Collins, pastor of the Bamberg Church of God and one of the coordinators of the pray event, called for the gathering to shout out a cry for Jesus. “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,” the crowd cheerfully responded, drowning out the calls for the car wash.

“Welcome to the Cry Out America 9/11 prayer gathering,” said Susan, “on this significant date in our nation’s past…we find ourselves at a defining moment for our nation’s future. Once in a generation, people arrive at a crossroad of decision, a fork demanding a choice. Sometimes the nature of that choice determines the future for their children; but at other times nothing less than the very life of that people is at stake. We are at just such a crossroads of the second kind.

“For the last 40 plus years our nation has increasingly drifted lazily toward the falls of godless postmodern values, rejecting God’s standards in favor of a reinterpreted anything…Soon we will reach the precipice of no return — unless we act quickly. On one level the events of 9/11 awakened us to the threat of radical Islamic fundamentalism, but the greater threat confronting us is our departure from God. Therefore on this day may we fully awaken and return to the Lord. Over 2600 years ago, God prescribed in Joel 1:14 how we are to return, “Consecrate a fast; call a solemn assembly. Gather the elders and all the inhabitants of the land to the house of the Lord your God, and cry out to the Lord.” In obedience to the Lord, we have gathered here on this occasion to do exactly that.”

Pastor Susan Collins then offered up a prayer of repentance.

Everyone then bowed their heads in a moment of silence in remembrance of the 9/11 victims and their families.

The Bamberg Church of God Youth Choir sang-” I Surrender All." The Lord’s Prayer—Led by Gale Black.

Prayers and scripture reading were then offered up by Rev. Jesse Jones, Pastor Robert Cannon, Evangelist Samella G. Edwards, and Pastor Herb Collins.

Near the conclusion of the service, Jessica Proveaux led the Pledge Allegiance to the Flag, a song and guitar by Sebrena Hightower, and a closing prayer from Pastor Susan Collins and the audience.

Program Ushers for the event were Tammy King and the BCOG Youth.

Priester Receives Meritorious

Joyce M. Searson, Publisher

CW4 William L. Priester, Jr. was awarded the Meritorious Service Award on September 12 during the 122D Engineer Battalion Change of Command Ceremony in Edgefield, SC. CW4 Priester served as the 122D Engineer Battalion Property Book Officer from September 1996 until June 2009. The Meritorious Service Award is awarded to any member of the Armed Forces of the United States or to any member of the Armed Forces of a friendly foreign nation that distinguished themselves by outstanding meritorious achievement or service.

Cheeze and Cracker Box

Jerry E. Halmon, Staff Reporter

It is late summer, and Enid Bishop, longtime director of the Cheeze and Cracker Box on Bell Street in Bamberg, stands before shelves that were once stocked with food but are now bare. Partially due to the down turn in the economy and to people supporting other charities, the agency that helps the needy and elderly citizens in Bamberg County has seen a tripling of request for food in the last year and on the other hand seen a downturn in the amount of donations it receives.

The director noted that along with donations of food there is a desperate need for bedding. She noted that she has had to spend some of the agency’s money to buy food from grocery stores which takes away from the money the agency needs to keep its doors open. She said that she is looking to go to Aiken and hopefully get some free food to bring back to Bamberg.

Distribution Goes Smoothly

Jerry E. Halmon, Staff Reporter

Saturday’s United Way and Golden Harvest Food Bank food distribution went smoothly, said WadeDell Moody, Coordinator of the quarterly free food distribution.

269 families registered Saturday for the distribution, serving 717 individuals with 15,146 pounds of food items.

“We had wonderful volunteers to help out,” said Moody. 33 volunteers from Ehrhardt, Denmark and Bamberg churches, the Boy Scouts, students from the Bamberg Job Corps Center and volunteer citizens.

The next United Way and Golden Harvest Food Bank distribution will be held Nov. 13.

Denmark Tech

The education leaders met September 9 at the headquarters of the S.C. Technical College System in Columbia to sign the formal agreement that will have the state’s technical colleges, its four-year colleges and the state public school systems working to push engineering and mechatronic fields of study more vigorously. Mechatronics refers to an interdisciplinary field involving control systems, electronic systems, computers and mechanical systems that integrates product design and automated manufacturing processes. Because industrial applications are becoming more and more complex, industries need technicians with skills that cross a variety of disciplines. Mechatronics has only recently been recognized as a new training opportunity in South Carolina although it has been a widely accepted career in Europe since the 1990s.

Locally, Denmark Technical College offers Mechatronics as one of its programs within continuing education, but not as a credit course program yet.

“I’m happy that our state public school system and the S.C. Technical College System have entered this partnership. However, I’m more pleased that Denmark Technical College has been working with foresight in these areas with its own mechatronic program that was already in place and that we have our first STEM Academy already going on at DTC,” said Dr. Michael M. Townsend Sr., the president of Denmark Technical College.